Take Me Out The Gossip Saturday 24th March

Please bear in mind that these are my views/thoughts and speculations based on the show Take Me Out The Gossip (the particular show link, I used for my reference is below). I don’t know any of these people personally.

http://www.itv.com/itvplayer/video/?Filter=313563 (Apologies in advance to my US readers that this link isn’t viewable for you)

Becca and Kenny:

This couple are like Barbie and Ken in the nicest possible way. Both are uber attractive and well groomed.

Becca ended up having to wait for Kenny whilst he finished getting himself ready for their date. It’s never appropriate to keep a lady waiting, even though she did say he was ‘worth the wait’. Women don’t want to hang around waiting for guys to get ready.

All women appreciate when a guy looks after himself, but there’s a line – and when it goes to fake tan, shaving legs and too many girlie things, the attraction level just dips. Because a woman who takes pride in her appearance but is not obsessed then gets paranoid about her looks, with a man who grooms too much and is too obsessed with his appearance. Hence Becca’s comment, “I’d have to get up at 6am to make sure I looked good for him”. That’s a lot of pressure for a woman and we have enough with the tv and magazines without having it from a man too.

Their personalities clicked and they were both full of banter, but because of the over grooming it’s likely that Becca will see Kenny as more of a friend than someone she’s sexually attracted to. The rapport was there and we know this because they both said they had felt like they had known each other for years, so Kenny would have definitely been in there if he wasn’t so obsessed with his appearance.

Kenny is a lovely genuine guy that wears his heart on his sleeve, is very in touch with his feminine side, heavily metrosexual, and openly says he’s never felt so strongly about a woman after a first date than he did with Becca. Which is a lovely compliment, but because of his excessive grooming I think sadly they will be a no go as a couple.

Mikey and Jamie:

On the Isle of Fernandos after their date they were the all over each other and were both very touchy feely, snogging each other’s faces off. The other contestants said they were like a real couple.

Something happened during the evening, which changed the dynamics of the couple, and later on in the night we hear Mikey say there, “may or may not be romance”. Mikey then went off and started flirting with other girls in the club this was a very obvious way to let Jamie know he was pissed off, and from the clip we saw it seemed that the issue was that Mikey got jealous thinking that Jamie fancied one of the other guys.

For a short time the spark went and in his alcohol fueled state he referred to Jamie as weird, strange and stupid (attempting to push her buttons and get a reaction), whilst Jamie was trying to defend herself, unsure how to react to this change of character and lighten the mood she states she is ‘unique’. It’s possible that Mikey is used to feisty relationships and was subconsciously testing Jamie for her reaction when he turned on her.

Both Jamie and Mikey seem very strong characters and I imagine both could potentially have a jealous streak, however a small amount of jealousy can be attractive because it shows someone cares. I envisage that they both could be quite fiery and this will mean a relationship with each other could potentially be of the intense ‘love/hate’ type. This usually means great sex!

They have met up since they got back to the Uk and met at a hotel for a night of passion. Good luck to them both, I think they are both genuine. They visually made a very cute, attractive couple, but I’m not sure with the intensity of them both whether a relationship would stand with Mikey working away out of the country for 6 weeks at a time, unless Jamie can convince him to move back to the Uk. Only time will tell 🙂

Billy and Emma:

Billy’s the extreme opposite to Kenny. He’s a lads lad, but also thoughtful and romantic, which is a great mix. I actually think Emma would have maybe preferred to be with someone like Kenny who was very groomed, because she didn’t want to get her hair wet on her date on the water ride.

Billy fancied Emma and did his best to make her laugh and they both enjoyed cheeky banter, but Emma went slightly on the defensive I think when he pulled her up about her moaning it was cold and not wanting to get her hair wet. As a lady, if you do get someone pulling you up on things and drawing attention to things that suggest that you’re potentially high maintenance it does form a bit of a barrier, because everyone wants to feel good about themselves. We don’t like people highlighting our flaws. Although Billy meant well it may have been what stopped her from being charmed by him in a romantic sense.

Every woman loves a guy that can make her laugh, and even if attraction isn’t there initially this is where physical attraction can grow over time, with a bit of patience on the guys part.

During the evening the connection was there, because the banter was light hearted, Emma was letting her hair down and was more relaxed. Emma could see how others were responding to Billy and wanted to be around him and have a laugh and a joke, and we all like to be around people that other people like to be around. This is a key attraction builder. When the connection was there at that point he could have probably gone in for a cheeky kiss, but he failed to make a move at the peak of their connection and so the opportunity was missed.

Back in the Uk, Billy really showed how thoughtful and resourceful he was. He contacted her Mum and found out what her favourite perfume/chocolates were and sent her a big package for a girl’s night in. Mega brownie points Billy!
However with him working nights and her living 8 hours away, a relationship would be difficult to sustain, especially as they didn’t get together fully at Fernando’s. They are both gorgeous and will have no problem finding dates after the show.

Gracie and Jit:

Gracie Take me Out’s sweet heart who had left her light on for 15 times before Jit came down the Love Lift.

Jit came across as a lovely, genuine guy (in fact it’s refreshing to see so many genuine guys on this particular show that aren’t slating the women they dated) and Gracie is simply adorable.

Jit was completely bowled over with Gracie from the start of their date and their personalities got on very well, however I got the feeling that Gracie would have liked a bit more a of a challenge. He described Gracie as ‘bonkers’ in a nice way, and I think maybe Gracie would like someone who also was a bit bonkers too to bounce off. Jit was very sweet but Gracie said the dreaded line that no man wants to hear, “We’re going to be really good friends yea?” Remember my post the Dreaded Friend Trap?

Gracie whether she meant it or not stopped Jit from even considering making a move or speaking up about his feelings, with that question.

When women say they just want to be friends when they have only just met it doesn’t always mean that there isn’t any sexual attraction and never will be, it can mean that the guys been too compliant and agreeable and hasn’t asserted himself enough in that short space of time for her to view him in a sexual way.

Women don’t want a guy that agrees with everything they say/do, they want a guy who will stand up and say if he disagrees or challenge her with different viewpoints.

Or alternatively it can be to stop the guy from moving too quickly and feeling put on the spot if the ladies’ not sure and wants to bide herself a bit of time and get to know him more to decide how she feels. I’m not sure which it is, but they did look very sweet as a couple.  I’m confident that they will both be lucky in love.