Reference…  Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson cheats on wife with pretty blonde during show tour – Daily Mirror

So the latest celebrity Jeremy Clarkson is allegedly reported for cheating with his wife of 18 years. Is this a shock? Not to me. Do I think any less of him? No. I will certainly still be watching the only ‘girl friendly’ car show that is  – Top Gear.

Having worked as an escort for 10 years it’s a tale I have heard many times; that guys get lonely when they travel.  Probably even more so if they are in a long term marriage; where they are more like ‘friends’ or business acquaintances’ than husband and wife.  Where that initial lust and sexual attraction may have faded on both sides. This in my opinion makes people crave intimacy more.

As an escort when I used to see married men, I often thought that there were probably many wives that suspected their men were having affairs or seeing escorts, but they actually were happy that they were because it kept them from being pestered for sex by their husbands. So they turned a blind eye.

What people forget is that for years there have been married couples and mistresses. Most of the time the wives are fully aware of, and accept these mistresses.

Its only now in this ‘celebrity obsessed’ culture that press feel the need to highlight infidelity to the celebrity gossip gannets.  And people are quick to judge and point the finger, whilst forgetting about their own skeletons in their closets, which they have the luxury of keeping there, away from the public eye.

If it is true, I would suspect that someone as savvy as Mrs. Clarkson, would have been fully aware of the fact he had a mistress, and may have been fully supportive of it, or had her suspicions but just turned a blind eye.

Certainly as an escort I encountered many husbands that were clearly staying in a marriage for convenience. I’m sure that for many of the wives that this was also true for them too.

Divorces are often messy and cause all sorts of financial problems for both parties. Many couples just stay together as part of a business arrangement, and/or for convenience.

It’s unlikely Mrs. Clarkson will comment about her husbands infidelity, in fact I’m more inclined to say that she will be already thinking as a manager how to rectify this situation and how to make sure it doesn’t affect Jeremy’s and her business interests.

I find it mildly amusing that people automatically feel sorry for the women, when very often I don’t think the women want any pity, they know exactly what they are doing.

Another similar case to this I think was the Gordon Ramsey mistress story. In my opinion I think it is very likely Tana knew all about his mistress or at the very least suspected it.  And each time these women don’t fully comment on their husband’s infidelity (and choose to stay with them) I suspect that this is the reason why.

So before you condemn Jeremy and feel sorry for his wife, have a think about this.