In the wake of the Ashley Maddison hacking scandal, is it a case of ‘what goes around comes around’ or an invasion of privacy as personal as the world having access to our most private phone conversations or online chats?

Who are we to judge those that choose to be unfaithful? There could be all sorts of reasons people choose to be unfaithful and from experience I know that infidelity isn’t black and white.

Is it up to someone to take the role of judge and jury and expose the cheats in monogamous relationships? Which let’s face it is about money, and a threat driven by a mixture of greed and bitterness I suspect. Surely they are just as bad as the cheaters themselves for hacking into and using the information as blackmail? We create our own energy and karma and those individuals cheating, and those seeking to destroy relationships by exposing the members if this website are doing exactly that.

Whilst I broadly don’t agree with infidelity, I also disagree with those conforming to monogamy when it is clearly not for them. We live in a society where we have choice in the British culture and whilst other types of relationships may be frowned upon by our closest family members and friends, ultimately honesty is the best way in a relationship.

I have seen a rise in younger twenty something’s choosing to have open relationships and actually they are some of the most stable, loving, honest and lasting relationships I have encountered. An open relationship isn’t about being in a relationship without trust – it is one based on implicit trust, and one where the terms of the relationship around any extra parties n the relationship are predetermined and agreed before hand. They are relationships that acknowledge that monogamy can be challenging and difficult and feel it’s ok to love one person but still want to explore their sexuality and have intimacy and fun with others. Then there’s polyamory where people choose to love more than one person on a deep level. There really is a relationship style to suit everyone.

Ashley Maddison however is a website broadly used and advertised for people who cheat for thrills, those that are insecure and wouldn’t want their husband/wife or partner to cheat but feel that they are entitled to have their cake and eat it.