Alan has kindly written me an email review of my book to share with my blog readers:

I just finished reading Rebecca Dakin’s The Girlfriend Experience, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally I am not intrigued by autobiographies, but as a long-time “hobbiest” I found it fascinating to read of the “hobby” from the girl’s point of view. I found the book to be a quick read – the compelling story of a woman’s journey in life and how she came to be an escort. Along the way, she learned how to run her own business – how to manage her professional reputation, properly market her business, and stay organized and professional. She also offers useful tips for potential clients. (We’ve all read reviews with the “YMMV” comment – Rebecca tells us what we as clients can do to make that mileage vary to our benefit, and although much of this advice seems like common sense, apparently there are far too many of us that don’t follow it.) She also provides her advice for escorts who wish to provide the GFE. Bottom line – this is really a no-brainer. This book is available in the US on Amazon.com in Kindle format for $0.99, and it is rare that I can say this about a book, but this book would be a great value at ten times that price!