Hmmmmm, if she wanted to ‘fetch something’ from her apartment why did Peter even go in?

I think in this case nothing probably happened, but why do footballers get themselves in such situations? Is it arrogance? I can do what I like because I earn stupid amounts of money, or is it because they are stereotypically ‘not all that bright’? I believe that Peter is actually quite intelligent, so I can only assume it’s the former – arrogance.

People like Peter, Ashley Cole, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney, selfishly disrespect and humiliate their women time after time, and yet these women still seem to have their rosy tinted glasses on. Is it the unwritten code that if you get involved with a footballer you have to accept that he cheats? And become a submissive Stepford Wife – turning a blind eye to their cheating, whilst hoping he doesn’t get rumbled by the press, and if he does, praying it goes away quickly? Because it seems to me that these women accept this behaviour. It’s no wonder they keep doing it.

Women like this make me cross, I just think ‘have some self respect’.

All these men fall into the serial cheaters category, they will all, always cheat. With only a handful of their women coming forward to expose their cheating, you can bet there’s many women that don’t.

I can’t feel any pity for WAGS, because they make the choice to stay with them.  I feel sad for Coleen, because I know that Wayne was her childhood sweetheart.

Based on this analysis I find it extremely sad and worrying that so many girls want to be WAGS!