Should you be wearing your stencil brows, glamour puss smokey eye’s with liquid liners, false eye lashes and plump red lipstick on your first date? Personally I think not.

Keep it simple and keep it natural, regardless of what you are doing on your date. He/she wants to know that wheat they are going to get is what they see on the tin so to speak. Whilst guys might appreciate heavly made up girls on a night out, if you ask them, what they really prefer is a natural look. Fact.

They want to see an idea of what you are going to look like first thing in a morning after a night of rumpy pumpy. If you wear those big heavy brows, false lashes and dark eyes and strip it all off, he/she’ll be half scared to death in the morning wondering if he/she’s with the same girl!

If they aren’t attracted to you without make up then what is the point? They need to be attracted to you with and without, so find out at the start.

Regardless of your complexion, less is more, and the more natural your make up, the more you will be attractive to your date. Check out my make up demonstration, where I show you how to create a natural look make up in just 12 minutes.

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