Many thanks to Amanda B for writing a testimonial for me to share to my readers. You were a pleasure to work with. You listened and implemented my suggestions therefore got results! Well done gorgeous lady x

‘I consider myself a reasonably attractive woman and when I go out with my girlfriends I do get attention, however it’s always from the wrong guys. So I decided to try a different tactic and give online dating a try. 

Sadly it proved no different. I attracted men that seemed to want to engage in hours of online chat, which would always turn sexual (and was initiated on their part), and I wasn’t sure how to handle this. I didn’t encourage but I didn’t discourage it either, and when we eventually met I would meet for drinks have a few glasses of wine and occasionally sleep with the guys I met and then I would never hear from them again.

I found Rebecca through You Tube when searching for help with online dating.  Although I was worried at first about buying an online service from a person and not company, after an initial email enquiry where she invited me to ask any questions I had about her service, I felt at ease, and we arranged to speak that week. We get help from a personal trainer when we want help at the gym, so why not get a trainer for dating when we want help with that?

Rebecca spotted immediately why my profile was attracting the wrong men. I hadn’t thought twice about using photos with me glammed up and on nights out with my friends, cocktail in hand, on my profile. She made me realise that I was selling myself as a good time party girl and not ‘girlfriend material’. This is merely one of the things she highlighted to me. After we tweaked my profile I had a couple more consultations with her, and with her advice I am now attracting the type of men that I want to attract. I haven’t found a guy who I want to be exclusive with yet, for now I am just enjoying my dating experiences and taking time to get to know people properly, instead of rushing into bed with them!

It’s helping my self esteem no end being asked on further dates, rather than having a succession of one date wonders! Thank you Rebecca!

I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services, but I hope I won’t need her again!

Amanda B – Cheshire x