One gripe I have when guys ask me out on dates is if they are coming to Nottingham they ask me where to go because they “don’t know the area”.

Not good enough. I’d go so far as to say that it’s almost a deal breaker (…I did say ‘almost’ :).

Why? Because what women want is a guy who’s a leader and resourceful, shows mental strength; and that’s attractive to women.

When a lady agrees to a date, this is where your chance to impress steps up a gear – she’s waiting to see what you come up with, and looking for you to ‘show case’ your attributes and leadership skills.

It’s ok to ask her first if there were anywhere particular she’d like to go, because that shows thoughtfulness about her comfort.

But if she says she doesn’t mind you say, “O.K leave it with me and I’ll get back to you.”

N.B: Often when a woman says she ‘doesn’t mind’ she doesn’t mean it, she’s just laid down the challenge and she’s waiting to see what you come up with and where you think is a suitable place to take her.

Then what?

Gooooooogle! 🙂 

You guys have it easy nowadays; all you have to do is sit at the computer and Google restaurants/bars/activities in the chosen area, and then check the reviews to find one that has a good reviews/write ups, and bingo sorted.

Depending on what you are doing whether its theatre, bars and/or local events, there are review sites to check; for E.g –






She will be very impressed if you do your research. The next step is to get it booked and organize it fully (so you’re not just ‘winging it’ and hoping to get a table when you turn up, last minute), and arrange if you are picking her up or meeting her there.

N.B: I believe that guys should always pay for at least the first date, where you go from there is up to you. There are still women that believe in old-fashioned courtship (myself being on of them), but there are also women that like to make sure everything is 50-50, so if you’re with a lady like this, who is insistent and uncomfortable with you paying, you can offer her to pay next time.

A friend of mine Neil Strauss teaches guys something similar, and he’s spot on with this: He teaches that you never go to a club/bar and approach a woman and ask her where the best place to go is.

Before you go out in the area you do your research and find out where the best places to go are, so that when you walk into a bar and see a group of ladies and/or a lady that you would like to spend time with, you approach them and tell them you’re going to X and invite them to come and join you. For example if there’s a funky bar where you can reserve a table you reserve one, so you so you can tell ladies you and your friends have a table booked.

If the ladies are local they will be super impressed and wonder how this guy that they’ve never seen before knows all the hot spots

Aside from showing leadership as I mentioned earlier, this is also showing resourcefulness.