Many thanks to Mel, who sent me this feedback to share on my blog.

‘I’d been online dating for quite a few months but wasn’t having any success attracting the right men.

Online dating for me was an endless string of disappointing dates. I work full time and I found it time consuming, unproductive and extremely frustrating.

The rare occasion I would meet a guy I liked although they always said they wanted to meet again it never came to fruiition. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

You helped me firstly specifically target my profile to the type of men I wanted to attract, saving me so much time.

Secondly we met and the day we worked together was invaluable. Aside from the dating advice and feedback you gave me on a sample date, I came away feeling confident, empowered and it became clear why and where I had been going wrong.

I feel honoured to be able to learn from your unique experiences with men. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting your guidance on clothes to suit and flatter my figure and personality. The two outfits I bought whilst with you, I absolutely love and I have noticed many admiring glances. I even got chatted up in the street the other day!

I’m enjoying online dating now thanks to you and I am finally dating the men I want to date… and not just the once!

If anyone is feeling frustrations with online dating, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough.’

If you want me to give your dating profile a make over then don’t hesitate to get in touch!