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Ed and Lucy

Ed and the beautiful Lucy couldn’t have been any more mismatched. Lucy was a tad eccentric but in a quirky endearing way, and she looked like she was a lot of fun. Ed I thought was absolutely lovely, polite and well mannered and a little bit shy albeit a little high maintenance and metro-sexual. It seems that this is the first time the girls had to wait for the boys… 3 hours?? Wow. It is generally a turn off when guys take longer than girls to get ready, and it’s not good form guys to keep ladies waiting.

They just couldn’t seem to find any common ground, which meant they couldn’t connect or build any rapport. Lucy liked cats and he liked dogs, and for cat lover Lucy this would have been a major problem.

Lucy got the impression that Ed didn’t do much for himself and he did admit to having a house cleaner that made his bed. A guy who doesn’t look after himself and has his mum or someone else doing things for him is a turn off for ladies… sorry Ed! Ladies do like guys to be self-sufficient.

Lucy said she likes ‘a mans man’ which is her way of saying she’s more suited to an alpha male.

By suggesting that Lucy was weird for talking to her cats on Facetime and trying to get the others to say they thought the same, wouldn’t have helped the situation in Fernandos. Ed did seem to come out of his shell a little after a couple of tipples, so he seemed more relaxed and open, but there was no redeeming the situation for him and his date Lucy.

After a few drinks and in front of the other couples he hinted that he didn’t have much choice and because there were only 3 girls left with his light on. This might have been to try and save face as he was uncomfortable with the growing tension between them. Lucy had her torso and legs all facing away from him, so he would have felt rejected and his ego wounded.

Ed found the situation so uncomfortable that sadly he ended the night early, because he thoughtfully didn’t want any negativity rubbing off on the others.

However on TMOTG he redeemed himself by saying that Lucy did catch his eye from early on in the show. Lucy felt that Ed liked the Barbie type of woman, and maybe he does, but he didn’t want to admit it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of Ed.. everyone likes different types of people.

I wish them both the best of luck!


Robin and Jamelia

Nottingham’s own gorgeous Jamelia picked Robin for her date. They actually made a very cute couple. There was definitely physical attraction on both sides and they did build a connection.

As with last weeks couples Robin made the mistake of complimenting Jamelia far too much. Yes women love compliments but too many are uncomfortable and can come across as insincere. Robin would have been better to hold back a little and make Jamelia work for the compliments.

Jamelia would have been very flattered. I know Robin meant well but if he’s like this all the time with women (over complimenting them) he may be prone to ending up with women that take advantage of him and those that won’t treat him with respect.

In the evening when they were all out, Jamelia’s body language was mixed because she had her legs crossed towards him but she was turning her torso away from him, which suggests she had mixed feelings about Robin and couldn’t decide if she liked him on a romantic level or not.

When he said that he’d shave his side burns off for Jamelia and basically do whatever she wanted, it wouldn’t have attracted Jamelia to him. Women don’t respect men that want to do everything just to please them – it actually works the opposite way and puts women off.

In the end they both agreed to a second date but I’m unconvinced that it will materialize. I got the feeling that Jamelia thought she should like him because he was so nice to her and paying her lots of compliments. And she did like him, but I’m not sure it was on a romantic level in the end.

Robin came across a genuine and lovely guy but I think Jamelia being a strong feisty, fun character likes a guy to be a bit more of a challenge for her.

I’m confident that neither will be short of dates after the show.


Sam and Natalie

There was a strong physical attraction there on both sides when this pair got together. Sam said of Natalie that her hair was shining and her skin glowing, which are both lovely compliments and unusual, thoughtful ones for someone so young.  Natalie said she didn’t remember Sam being so good looking. Sam referred to Natalie as mad as a box of frogs, but it was in an endearing way.

Sam has a great sense of humour and he’d totally got it in the bag with Natalie – Natalie said that any man that made her laugh as much as he did deserved a kiss, however once the evening came he undid all his hard work!

Even though there was an age difference it didn’t become apparent until the evening.

Sam wanted to get ‘on it’ and have a drink and sadly this is where he showed his age. He just wanted to get hammered. I think because he thought he’d got it in the bag he didn’t have to worry, and maybe he wanted a little dutch courage to go in for a proper kiss, or it could have been nerves thinking about what might happen at the end of the night. However Natalie a glamorous lady with two children wasn’t looking for any more kids!

The more Sam had to drink the more full on he got which made Natalie uncomfortable. When he realized he was losing connection, and that things were turning around and not in his favour, he got quite mardy and it was suggested he was a bit rude. This will have been the nail in the coffin for Natalie. It was a shame that things didn’t work out after their initial connection.

Natalie said she quite fancied a date with Yinka or Ed. Natalie and Sam were both strong characters and attractive people, just not suited because of the age difference.

I am sure they will both find success in their dating lives.