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Yinka and Jo

Sadly here was an attractive couple that were badly suited from the start.

One of the first questions that was shown on TMOTG from their date was Yinka asking Jo if she could cook, and then giving her a ‘cross in the box’ because she said she didn’t. This clearly got Jo’s back up from early on in their date. Her body language went from being relaxed and open to closed and defensive. Jo sussed out Yinka’s home situation immediately after this question.

Yinka came accross as a lovely guy but he lives at home with his mum. He says he’s very independent, however if he were then he wouldn’t be living at his Mum’s.

Yinka may be from a traditional family where his mother does everything around the house and many of us have been bought up with parents with similar attitudes, but Yinka times are changing – it’s time to embrace a more modern approach to women and their roles at home!

I’m not sure of Yinka’s age, but I suspect he’s still quite young, however ladies do like a guy who’s independent and looks after himself. What guys have to remember is that long term most women are looking for a provider and for some sort of security, and guys living at home can’t offer that. There’s still time for him to turn this around, as I said I think he’s quite young, but his dating will definitely improve once he’s standing on his own two feet.

Stunning Jo likes the Essex boys, cheeky chappys that ooze confidence and are assertive. So she was definitely seeking an alpha male, and perhaps likes the bad boys, because she openly says she doesn’t like ‘gentlemen’.  Jo wants a guy who say “We’re going on a date” – not asking her, telling her.

I’ve discussed assertiveness in this post ‘Bad Boys verses Nice Guys’…


Yinka didn’t seem to want to admit that he fancied Jo, but personally I think he was trying to save face because his ego was somewhat bruised.

Their body language was very relaxed on TMOTG and it’s clear there was a connection there of sorts, so it was nice to hear they had been keeping in touch and plan to stay friends.

Here’s two gorgeous looking people who will have no problem finding dates after the show.


Fleur and Chad

Here’s another good-looking couple. Fleur said that she found Chad friendly and funny, and initially there was definitely attraction there on both parts, however it seemed that Chad was really trying hard to get banter going. He was perhaps a little intimidated by Fleur because I think he thought that because she cooked Potato Daphinoise, she was a bit posh! However because of his discomfort I don’t think Chad realised that it was hindering rapport being built.

This would also explain why Fleur commented that she thought Chad was looking for someone a bit ditsy.

Feeling slightly intimidated by her would have perhaps made his banter sound a bit awkward, and it does mean that unintentionally there are blockages in the connection. Fleur definitely found Chad entertaining but they just couldn’t find enough in common.

Fleur is clearly an educated, and super attractive woman, and I’m sure that she is used to being wined and dined and appreciates good food, but for cheeky, chappy, down to earth Chad it was all too much, and he classed Fleur as high maintenance.

On TMOTG Fleur’s body language was her crossed legs pointing away from Chad confirming her lack of interest in him.

I don’t think they were well suited for the start. They are both fantastic people but just different people with very different backgrounds. I’m confident they will both have no trouble finding a date after the show.


Part 2 coming tomorrow…