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Jim and Erica

Poor Jim almost got a black out but the pretty, cool, quirky Erica left her light on for him. Thankfully he didn’t get a black out as it was undeserved! Although he didn’t get to choose his date I think he was very happy that Erica left her light on for him. He paid her some lovely compliments.

Jim hadn’t been on a date before but he seemed to take to it like a duck to water although, and even said Erica was the perfect date. Erica will have to take some credit for this, as he said that she was very easy to talk to. They did find that they had things in common – they both had a love of tattoos, which suggests a similar out look on life, outgoing, adventurous with a slight rebellious streak. They definitely bonded over tattoo art, which is pretty cool. Tattoos make great talking points and are easy conversation starters.

There was physical attraction there on both sides nd they were easily able to connect because Erica said they had the same sense of humour. This makes building rapport super easy. They kissed on the lips and both agreed to a second date on the Isle of Fernando’s.

Erica said she was most impressed with his beat box skills. Women are heavily attracted to guys with talent especially when it’s something as cool and current as beat boxing! It appeals to us women to be around a guy who other people look up to and admire. She will have felt proud as punch to be with him when he was showcasing his skills in the club.

It seems the boys got drunk under the table by the girls, as when Jim got back to Erica’s room he promptly fell asleep! Jim who knows what would have happened if you’d have stayed awake!

Back in the Uk they haven’t met up again and Erica did suggest they were caught up in the moment in Fernando’s – which easily happens, especially with all the sun, sea, fun and people around.

Living quite far from each other was always going to be a problem if there wasn’t a strong enough connection built on the island. I wish them both the best of luck! I am confident both will do just fine.


Marco and Jo

Funky sax player Marco picked gorgeous, smiley Jo for his date. Jo sais she felt a connection straight away because they had a lot in common – both had big families and teddy bears (although Marco says he only sees his bear twice a year ;), they both also had an interest in creative arts.

Jo was the assertive one asking if a second date was on the cards, and after a short tease Marco said yes. Marco seemed a little concerned with the 5 year age gap, but just remember Marco ‘age ‘aint nothing but a number’. Forget the age, it’s about connection.

It felt like Marco was holding back during the evening because of this reason. He said that as the night wore on the age difference was more noticeable. This would be down to the booze. However I thought Jo was endearing and I think it’s wonderful that she is always smiling. There is a childish innocence about her, and I don’t mean that in a patronizing way, she just seemed adorable and great fun. Hey Marco even people in the 40’s plus can be very immature when they have a drink!

I would suggest that perhaps Jo hasn’t been on many dates because she was surprised that Marco was buying her drinks.

Marco did say that if the moment arose he would kiss Jo, but it didn’t materialize.

I reckon a ‘treat ‘em mean keep them keen’ attitude might have more effect with Marco. He took it a little bit for granted I felt that Jo was smitten with him. If Jo had played it a bit cooler with him I think he’d have definitely weedled his way in for a kiss, and been more keen, however I totally appreciate that it’s not in Jo’s nature to be like that, she seems a ‘heart on her sleeve’ kind of gal. In the end Jo wasn’t sure how Marco felt about her.

On TMOTG there was a hint that she wasn’t happy based on what Marco said about her the age difference being apparent towards to the end of the eve, and his message to Jo was to contact him in a couple of years – she was clearly and understandably put out.

Thankfully they have said they will meet up again and take some time to get to know each other so lets keep our fingers crossed as I think they make a very cute couple. All the best guys!


Danikka and Jase

Wow what a super hot couple!

I suspect Jase had his eye on Danikka all along and who could blame him?!

On their date they bonded over their love of dogs and the fact they have the same taste in dogs shows that their personalities are well suited. They had a fun date rock climbing and Jase was a true gentleman holding onto Danikka to make sure she was ok, however when he let go she fell and bumped her bum! Good job Jase was on hand to sooth her botty with his hands 😉

As the date progressed Jase said he fancied Danikka more and more. Danikka said she wasn’t going to make a move but wouldn’t mind if Jase did. Jase was obviously unsure of how Danikka would respond if he did lunge in for the kiss, so sadly he held back.  He was clearly being a gentleman however I think Danikka might be the sort of lady that prefers a more assertive approach from guys. Although it may have been the fact he was slightly daunted by the fact that he’d have to kiss her 7 times.

On the night out there was lots of laughing and flirting with each other and they were clearly enjoying each others company in the evening, however Jase was slurring his words towards the end of the night and once back at the girls hotel Jase fell asleep in Danikka’s bed! So that’s another guy that potentially missed out on a on snog. Perhaps he thought Danikka would get into bed beside him, however poor Danikka ended up on a couch!

I think Danikka may like a guy who’s a bit more of a challenge for her, but she certainly appreciated his super hot bod.

Even if they do date again I don’t think these two will end up as a couple, but I’m sure neither have been short of offers since the show! Good luck to them both!