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Ruth and Chiles

Here’s an exciting couple!

They seemed to build a strong connection straight away because they had lots in common. Commonalities are a quick way to build rapport seemingly effortlessly. Chiles was a true gentle man and they both admitted that they had the best first date ever!

Stunning Ruth couldn’t say anything bad about Chiles.

They were both very flirty with each other and at one point during the evening in Fernando’s Chiles seductively has his fingers in his mouth… oo er!

I got the feeling though that although they were initially both just as interested and caught up in the moment that it was Ruth who prompted to slow the pace down after Fernando’s.

Back in the Uk Chiles sneakily had Ruth meet his Mum, which Ruth wasn’t expecting. I think maybe he might have come across as too keen… which can be a turn off guys. But in Chile’s defense he was obviously excited for his Mum to meet this amazing woman that he had just met. There is no set rule for when the right time is to meet parents, it’s just when it feels right.

On TMOTG Ruth was very quick to say they weren’t in a relationship and that she wanted to take things slow.

I would say that charming Chiles would be tempted to keep up the fast pace with Ruth if he had the chance, but they are both right to be taking things slow. This shows they are both serious about making this relationship something special.

They both seemed genuinely nice people and there was physical attraction there on both sides, so I am confident if they can both syncronise the pace of things to mutually suit they will go far as a couple.

Fingers crossed.

Good luck to them both!


Charlotte and Amar  

During their date out on the sea Amar was a true gent rescuing stunning Charlotte from the water. This would have won him big kudos! Every woman wants a man who will rescue her, make her feel safe and protected, so it’s a great trait to have at such a young age. Charlotte admitted that she was more relaxed in the daytime on their date. They were flirting, having fun and even kissing throughout the day, there was banter and lots of laughs.

Come the evening time things completely turned around. It wasn’t clear from the clips that were shown what actually happened but Charlotte seemed very distant, she was playing with her phone and not looking at all interested in engaging with Amar. When Amar went to sit next to Charlotte he put his chair down and after he had done so Charlotte moved her chair to one side. She said she was making space for him but her body language gave her away… she turned away and looked down, as she moved her chair, and his chair was already down by the time she moved. Had she have been making space for him she would have been facing towards him when she moved her chair and looking at him in a welcoming, friendly way. It was a very obvious brush off so Amar got the hint.

He spent the rest of the evening chatting to other girls, which to be honest I can’t blame him. In his eyes he knew Charlotte wasn’t interested so he thought he’d make the best of the situation and have fun with some other people. Charlotte did admit to being tired, so she may have been not as much fun as she had been in the daytime because of that.

Amar did say he didn’t feel he put as much effort into the evening as he had to the daytime, which was very diplomatic of him. I think if they had carried on into the evening just the two of them without the others distracting them I think they may have stayed enjoying each others company, but in the end I think there was too many distractions for Amar once the others were there in the evening.

They are both attractive and lovely people so I’m sure both will do fine après Take Me Out. Good luck guys!


Chris and Elia

Here’s a feisty but cute couple!

One of the first clips we see if Elia asking how tall Chris was and then not believing him when he said 5’ 10”. It probably wasn’t meant as a dig but it did come across that way. I think this is why Chris thought that there was a mutual disinterest in each other.

Chris equally offended Elia when he said “I wouldn’t say we were a match made in heaven”. Chris bless him came across as one of those guys that’s quite clumsy with what he says – as though there’s no filter system in place. He thinks it and says it! I think Elia is also a little bit like that. Yes it’s good to be honest and true to yourself but sometimes a bit of tact goes a long way Chris!

This throwaway comment got Elia’s back up early on, and it formed a barrier from early on in the date. It did seem there was a little point scoring and that the banter had been reduced to each taking it in turns to offend the other.

Chris said he didn’t feel a connection from the start, but like Elia says he should have given it a chance and tried to build rapport. There isn’t always an instant connection with people. It can very much depend on the person and circumstances. Some people just take longer to come out of their shell than others… so by not giving people a chance Chris could miss out on some lovely ladies.

In the club in the evening once they’d both had a couple of drinks they seemed to relax and start to properly enjoy each other’s company, and their troubles through the day were forgotten as they both bonded over cocktails. It was a less intense situation as they were out with everyone. I think they both like a challenge and the fact that neither of them were interested in the other during the day actually made each other more appealing to the other come evening time.   

Maybe they are too similar which can often cause clashing of personalities, hence the bickering.

Chris did stay at Elia’s hotel but they both say nothing happened. There seems to be some sort of tension between them, it could be sexual! If these two got it on in the bedroom I bet the sparks would fly! They say they are just mates and are keeping in touch so who knows what will happen.

I wish them both the best of luck.