Women and texting … many just don’t quite get it.

They try and communicate with men as they would their girlfriends and this is simply not the way. Think of man texts… minimal info, and only kisses if you’re lucky!

Obviously this isn’t always the case, I also know men who send essay texts and multiple messages however generally they don’t send as many as women.

Us ladies spend so much time thinking, what’s he doing? What’s he thinking? What does that mean? (Usually, exactly what he says) Why hasn’t he replied? What’s he feeling? Does he like me?

We assume that we are the be all and end all of our man’s world. Wrong. It’s not because he doesn’t care, it’s just he doesn’t feel the need to constantly be in contact.

It’s sexy for a man if you’re a woman who doesn’t text all the time but when you do the texts you send are intriguing, flirty or lighthearted banter.

For men to think you have a life keeps them on their toes so if you’re eagerly responding to text messages straight away every time it implies that you are staring at your phone and waiting for him to contact you – you don’t have independence or a life.

Men are still old fashioned in a way that they like to do the chasing. Let them be wondering what you are doing, don’t send essay texts with every bit of detail of your day/life – try and keep them short and ‘man like’.

Sometimes less is more. Give him time to miss you, give him time to think about you and how he feels. If he’s bombarded with texts he doesn’t have time to think, you’ll be on his mind for the wrong reasons.

If you are the one constantly bombarding him with text messages then you come across as needy. If you ever think why hasn’t he replied when not even an hour has passed then you are certified needy! Needy is not attractive either. Needy will get you a man who doesn’t respect you.

If he doesn’t reply he’s busy, when you don’t get a reply don’t ever send messages like…

–       Why haven’t you replied to my text?

–       Have I done something wrong?

–       Have I done something to upset you?

You will come across as insecure with messages like this. If you don’t get a reply, message again in a couple of days and ask him something that requires a response however don’t mention the lack of reply… e.g ‘Hey how are you? How’s your week going so far?’ It’s best not to send anything flirty if he’s not responded to your last message – you want to suss out if he’s still interested. If he ignores your next one, then don’t waste negative energy wondering what is wrong with you. Just move on and be the bigger person by not resorting to sending abusive and mardy text messages. It’s not cool. I have cringed when I have been read messages that some of my clients and friends have sent to men.

Try to never send a message when you are feeling angry it is guaranteed to come out wrong and you’ll sound bitter. He’ll be thinking he had a lucky escape if you send aggressive or angry messages.

By just accepting that he’s not interested and not assuming you have specifically done something wrong you will keep your confidence intact and you’ll be ready for the next eligible bachelor to pop along!