Too many guys I work with come to me focusing on the end result of dating a beautiful woman. They forget to look at the bigger picture.

Dating is all about social skills and those that have those skills are usually successful in dating. You can’t run before you can walk.

If you take the focus off the target – woman/en and look at building relationships in general, what you find is that women will come to you without you trying. Isn’t it far better to have people coming to you than for you to see a woman you like and worry about going and talking to her and rejection?

Being magnetic and having people wanting to be around you, is key. To achieve this you need to be externally focused and genuinely interested in other people and making people feel comfortable and happy. Rather than internally focused and thinking and worrying about how you feel, and how you will come across and if you will say the wrong thing.

Many years ago I went out with a guy who knew everyone – literally everyone from the bin men, to the shop workers to random old people. I was walking through his city and everyone wanted to stop and talk to him and say hello. I was impressed. This guy just boosted his social status through the roof and demonstrated higher value on a skyscraper level.

This is incredibly attractive for a woman.

What this told me was that this was a guy who was confident, likable, caring, interested in other people and fun. Initially I wasn’t sure about him but that outing I felt drawn towards him and the attraction stepped up in a big way.

Think about it… who do you like to spend time with and why? I bet who ever you think of will have most of the traits listed below.


1)   Always have time for you and ask how you are and how your day is

2)   Smile at you – are welcoming and friendly

3)   Are bubbly and animated

4)   Show a genuine interest in your life – and remember and ask about things you have told them about

5)   Make you smile and feel good

6)   Make you feel like they care

7)   Offer to go out of their way to help you if you’re in need and they are able

8)   Introduce you to great people

9)   Are positive and happy which makes you feel the same

10) Let you have a moan but they rarely moan themselves


How many of these things do you do on a daily basis with people? This is what makes a person memorable, magnetic and irresistible to women.

How memorable are you?

Do you walk around in your own little world, on your I-Phone on Facebook and Twitter talking to virtual women, oblivious to others and only noticing women who physically take your fancy but not having the balls to speak to them?

I mean what’s the point of talking to the guy who has just served you your coffee, or the old lady who’s just sat next to you on the park bench? This is where you are missing out.

What about the hot chick who was sitting in the coffee shop who noticed you because she heard you chatting away to the guy who served you coffee, or the lady that jogged past and gave you a second look and a smile because she noticed you because you were talking to the old lady on a bench and making her smile.

Remember this very important piece of dating advice…. 

Every person you meet is a potential link to a woman that you may want to date.


–       Old women have daughters and grand daughters – depending on their/your age

–       Married women may have single friends

–       Women you don’t fancy may have friends you do

–       Teenagers may have single Mum’s

–       Men may have single girl friends

–       Women in relationships may be unhappy

Do you want to be the guy that everyone thinks about, when their daughter/friend/Mum asks about a nice guy to date? The one who is chatty, sociable and likeable?

If so it’s very simple, become externally focused and use the 10 steps above with everyone you meet, and watch to see how people start to want to talk to you and you will draw people in, including the ladies!

If you want further advice on how to ‘get the girl’ I offer Skype consultations in the comfort of your own home or office.