So with so many things at our fingertips nowadays at the touch of a button on our phones and technical gadgets; emails, calls, texts, the weather report, satellite navigation, video, tv – we have all as a nation become somewhat lazy.

Many people do the same thing day in and day out and wonder why their life isn’t changing and they aren’t getting what they want out of it.

If you are sitting there thinking that the man/woman of your dreams will magically appear if you keep on with your day-to-day life then you could wait your whole life and it never happen!

Yes you might be one of those people that are lucky enough to stumble upon your future wife/husband, but for the most of us it requires a certain amount of effort and not many are willing to actually put that effort in.

People sign up to dating websites thinking they are doing their bit and just sit there waiting for their winks to be acknowledged.  Blasting out generic emails to ‘save time’ to huge numbers of people that look ‘fit’ with the hope that with doing the numbers game at least one or two will reply. Some people impatient with writing an actual email some just want that instant chat and if they can’t get to chat they move on to the next.

People don’t want to make an effort anymore and have become impatient as well as lazy. We only want easy options.

So what are you supposed to do?

Firstly here is something to consider – Have you room for a partner in your life? Is your lifestyle conducive to having a relationship?

Many people deep down don’t want a relationship even when they say they do because they are not prepared to commit to giving someone their time. ‘I’m too busy to date and/or have a boyfriend/girlfriend,’ is what you hear a lot. If this is you then deep down you don’t want a partner. Because we all have the same amount of hours in the day and we all have a choice – we choose what we do with those hours. So ‘I don’t have time’ is not actually correct, you have ‘time’ it just means you are saying you choose to spend your time on other things and people, and that’s fine, but just be honest and true to yourself. Are you just making excuses?

Are you deliberately sabotaging your chances of meeting someone by making a list of excuses as to why you can’t?    Yes it’s true, if you think you can’t then you won’t!

If you’re reading this and thinking but I really do want a partner or to be dating then you need to find a way to ‘make time’ and consciously allocate time out to meet new people.

Do you hang out with the same friends and go to the same places? If so try going to different places, and maybe try going to places on your own. If you work in the city maybe after work try and go for half an hour to a new coffee shop/bar or maybe look round a local art gallery for an hour. Try at least once a week to make it your mission to go somewhere new and engage in conversation with  some new members of the opposite sex.

If you go out with the mindset of meeting attractive people to date (these are the vibes you will give off, and it will deter people), just go with an open mind to talk to people and meet some new people.

Do anything but do something different, is the key message here; that allows you to meet new people.

Remember the saying ‘if you do what you have always done then you will get what you have always got.’

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