Yes! I saw this tweeted the other day and it occurred to me that it is also relevant to dating.

People are so focused on what they want that they forget what they have to offer, and what their value is as a human being.

Think of women as your customers, ultimately they want to know when meeting a guy, what can he offer me? What’s in it for me?


Generally women are looking for:

1)   A man that can offer them some sort of security and care for them

2)   A man who’s not afraid of commitments (own home, business, previous long term relationships)

3)   Someone who has goals and wants to achieve things in life (this doesn’t need to be monetary/business related, it could be he ultimately wants to have a family, house in the country, or travel the world

4)   Loyalty

5)   Maturity/responsibility but also a sense of fun

6)   Someone that’s assertive and can take control of a situation – a leader

7)   Confidence

8)   Emotional support

9)   A good listener and a good communicator

10) To be loved and appreciated

11) Someone that’s proactive and will make suggestions/plans/organise things to do together

12) Common sense and a certain amount of intelligence (I don’t mean a Degree!)

13) To feel desired

14) Someone who will stand up to them and who isn’t a push over

How many boxes do you tick? What can you do to tick a few more?

If you offer any of these things above are they coming a across when you meet women? Women look for signs and clues (because of some of your guys minimal use of language ;-p) so make sure you say things that will get the qualities you have to offer as a man across.