Can you cheat online? Where do you draw the line? What do you consider cheating in a monogamous relationship?

There are 3 scenarios to consider from the list below:

–       Which of the below situations do you consider you would be being unfaithful?

–       Which of the below would you consider your partner was cheating if they engaged in?

–       Which of the things below would your partner consider cheating?


If you think about the answers to the 3 scenarios above, ask your partner to do the same, and see if you both agree.


1)   Flirty, suggestive tweets

2)   Flirty, suggestive DM’s

3)   Sexual innuendo via chat on Facebook, MSN or other social media

4)   Skype video chats with people you have ‘met’ online

5)   Intimate Skype video calls

6)   Watching porn

7)   Chatting to online webcam girls or guys/watching

8)   Masturbating to girls or guys live online

9)   Sexting people you have ‘met’ online

10) Meeting people you have flirted with and met online for coffee

11)  Booking an escort online and meeting him/her but not kissing or having sex only receiving oral sex

12) Making enquiries to book an escort online and chatting to them but not going through with the booking


It is advisable especially in the digital age where social media and talking to complete strangers are considered the norm, to discuss your views on cheating, so that you can come to a decision on boundaries that are agreeable to you both.

The thing to consider is would you do what you do any of the above online in front of your partner, if the answer is no, you would hide it, then it must mean that deep down you feel it is wrong what you are doing.

If you wouldn’t like him/her doing it, then don’t do it is the simple answer. Have respect for your partner!