Learn Exclusive Tips from my 101 Sex Tips Book, with me, in Person! 

I think everyone would be at ease in your classesLouise
I wasn’t sure what to expect however I am so glad I came I wasn’t expecting for it to be so much funKeeley
My classes are for those who are experienced in the art of pleasure giving and want some pro tips to try, those with some experience who want to try new techniques and refine their existing technique, and for the complete novice, who wants to start experimenting with their pleasure giving skills.

The sex classes are fun, informative and educational and is packed with content and are open to all women and gay men, all ages, both single and in relationships. I have a flip chart to take you through things step by step.

I was apprehensive being quite a shy person and not knowing anyone (after the friend that invited me bailed out!), however you put me at ease straight away, and everyone was so friendlyEmma