The Sunday Mirror reported on Sunday that Danny Dyer cheated again on his partner of 19 Years Joanne Mas.

Real life Danny seems much like the characters he plays; the lovable rogue. He has that rough, boyish, charm that attracts the ladies, and I can imagine he’s a dab hand at talking women round and charming them whether it’s his partner or women he meets.

When I look at photos of him I see a vulnerability behind his eyes. His wife looks very confident, and I imagine that she has on some level (like many women do) stepped into more of a mother role with him. He would be lost without her.

I would imagine that Joanne is fully aware of Danny’s infidelity, and although she most likely would rather he didn’t cheat, I suspect she knows it is inevitable however would prefer that his misdemeanors were discreet. Unfortunately when you’re a celebrity, around press hungry jounalists, and money hungry people, discretion isn’t an option. Videos, photos and text messages are all evidence that could potentially end up public.

Both Joanne and Danny have a strong connection; as many of the photos they are not only mirroring poses but also facial expressions. See the 3 examples below, where their hands, feet, faces and bodies are mirrored almost perfectly. This shows a powerful bond.

This is one couple I think will carry on with their relationship regardless of this recent allegation. I wouldn’t be surprised if he relies emotionally on Joanne than she does him.

I know he’s a naughty boy but he’s still lovable!

Joanna looks like a lovely lady so I hope they can get through this as a family without it rocking their family unit too much.

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