For those following the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, #CBB it’s a corker!

What a game Lee is playing the little monkey. I feel he’s clutching at straws to stay in the house because he’s up for eviction, just like all the others are. Stepping up the sexuality in the house is pure desperation.

Lee is hedonistic and we’re seeing it here on a large scale he is his own worst enemy. He is a prime candidate for drug and alcohol abuse, which I think, have been an issue in the past. It’s this recklessness that means he publically digging a big whole for himself on live television.

He’s sending mixed messages to both Casey and Jasmine I suspect to stir things up however it’s such a deep-rooted pattern he has that he does it unconsciously. He believes what he says at that moment and then it’s conveniently forgotten.

His Blue band mates think he’s playing a game and that may be so, but he needs the drama.

He’s lovable however he’s still very much a kid he needs a lot of attention because he’s a mummy’s boy possibly down to not having a male role model prominently in his life. I wonder if he is an only child…

He has said that he has ‘enough drama at home,’ this is interesting because people who have drama have it because they enjoy it and thrive off it. So without it they are out of their comfort zone.

For Lee to feel comfortable in the house he has to surround himself with drama and create it if it doesn’t exist which is exactly what he has done and he’s made sure he is bang in the middle of it.

He lives in the moment and he’s quite selfish – it’s all about what he wants at that moment, whether it’s hugs and kisses Jasmine or with Casey.

Casey gave him the exact reward he was hoping for, by being upset and speaking to him, that fed his need for drama.

He needs to feel connected to someone and he needs affection so whilst he is separated with Casey and the others are talking about him he will need to feel close to her again so he will try and turn things around with her, but only whilst they are isolated. She wants him to like her so she may lap it up, but it would be great if she told him where to get off! As soon as he’s back in the house he will be back trying to swoon Jasmine.

He keeps saying that he is sensitive yet he isn’t sensitive himself towards other people’s feelings.

I do feel for the girls being played but this is classic car crash T.V I’m sure the public will keep Lee in so he keeps on digging his monster hole.

An update based on last nights show – 10th January. He’s blaming Casey 100% for the whole situation, this is because if accepts he’s wrong and apologises the drama will end, and he needs to keep it going. To deal with her humiliation Casey is trying to be cool and step into a more sister role with him, this will be difficult for her because there is some resentment. I think she will make a bee line for Jasmine once back in the house and step up her friendship and forge an alliance with her in an attempt to alienate Lee as punishment for his bad behaviour.

Update 14th January. It seems my prediction came true, Lee and Casey were all over each other in the Bolt Hole and then back in the house he was all over Jasmine. I had thought Casey would make a bee line for Jasmine however it seems she is still disillusioned about Lee, so she’s not ready to switch sides just yet. It may happen once she realises Lee is not interested in her! If she ever realises it. Casey is too much of a good girl for Lee she won’t give him the drama he thrives on. Jasmine on the other hand is a wild one and would be able to offer him drama in the bucket loads with her feisty wrecklessness. There will be more drama to come between,  these 3.

Dappy has made up with Luisa after all the fighting because he’s feeling left out with all the loved up couples around him. He wants a lady to be affectionate towards, and Lee’s already bagged 2, and Ollie is googly eyed for Sam. Again he likes a wild one, so Luisa is an obvious choice. He may over step the mark when he’s had too much to drink like he did with Jasmine, and it will be interesting to see how Luisa reacts. She wouldn’t have engaged in the hot tub antics with Dappy alone, it was Jasmine, attempting to shock Dappy and entertaining viewers that was more of interest to her.