28 October 2009, 09:57:15

I’ll be on live from 2.30 pm and the interview will not be a discussion but rather a conversation with me about my life, my experiences, and my decision to write a book. The interview will last approximately 20 mins. It’s available on playback for those who missed it but I’m not sure how long for.


I hope you all enjoy 🙂 Please write any feedback on the interview here on my blog.

I really enjoyed my interview with Charlie. She was lovely and made me feel very welcome. I always find it awkward on radio interviews because they seem to cut you off suddenly which is frustrating when you are thinking of a couple of things you want to get into conversation. I was cut off before I had the chance to say 2 things firstly – that as much as I get on with guys (I have always had close male friends from a young age) I am also equally a girls girl and I think some ladies see me as some sort of femme fatale and husband stealer. The truth is I am very concious of other peoples feelings and certainly none of my friends have a problem with me being around their men. I am an extremely loyal person. I think it’s a common misconception that even in our personal lives escorts will target and flirt with any man regardless of who they are with. I would never date a married man or a man with a girlfriend.

And secondly (thankfully Charlie added this in after I had gone) escorting is not something I’d recommend young girls to get into. Maybe this confused people and maybe some thought it was hypocritical but here’s my reasoning – I consider myself very lucky to have spent 9 years in this profession and come out unscathed. It’s an extremely dangerous job to be in, not for the reasons you might necessarily think ie the risk of physical violence (that’s certainly never happened to me nor have I been anywhere close) but rather the risk of losing ones self respect and ending up on a slippery slope of alcoholism and/or drugs.