Dating and relationship advice for men ….

  1. Plan to take her out or a weekend away after it finishes. Knowing she has something to look forward to will make the season more bearable for her
  2. Put extra effort in to make her feel special when there are no matches on. Even a simple bouquet of flowers, a card with meaningful words, or a box of choccies, will let her know you are thinking about her
  3. You know what she likes in the bedroom, giving her an orgasm will definitely get you brownie points and make her feel good. Maybe you can create a game with her? If you guess the winning team she gets an orgasm. That’s sure to pique her interest in football 😉
  4. Try and make a conscious effort not let yourself end up in a bad mood if your team loses
  5. The little things she nags you about which you purposely don’t do and know it annoys her like leaving your laundry on the floor, not changing the loo roll, leaving he seat up … try and do these things without her nagging to keep her sweet. She will notice and she’ll be more tolerant