Exciting times as the new series of Take me Out is back!

I really like what we are seeing so far. Lots of gorgeous girlies including a fellow Nottingham lass from my favourite bar/restaurant The Riverbank (who are sponsoring my competition), the very beautiful Jamilah. Lets hope she gets a date!

Kicking off we have 2 very gorgeous couples Dyneal and Lilly and Leigh and Chloe-Marie.

What I am liking about this series is that the guys seem very mature, so far, and these 2 guys were both real catches, as were the ladies if course 🙂

This video link is sadly only viewable for people in the Uk, and is for a limited time only…



Dyneal and Lilly

Dyneal chose Lilly as his date, and he seemed very laid back, considering he waited over 2 hours for Lilly to get ready. She did look stunning. There was physical attraction on both sides, however it seems that poor Danyeal hadn’t realized that he’d lost the connection with her. He paid Lilly some lovely compliments; he said she was just his type, bubbly and lively with a nice smile.

It was difficult to see from the short clip what went wrong here. There was definitely an age gap issue. But I’m wondering if Dyneal fell into the being ‘too nice’ trap and just wasn’t quite assertive enough for her? This could be because of his young age.

He had some cool Salsa moves and usually that’s a winner with the ladies but I think Lilly although impressed at first may have got a bit fed up with the structured dancing and just wanted to have fun, free style it and not feel the pressure to always follow his lead. She possibly felt slightly intimidated by his dancing skills.

Somewhere the connection was lost after the initial attraction and sadly Lilly hinted that she wish she’d turned her light off to be in with a chance to date someone more suited to her. He looked really put out when he heard this – which is hardly surprising!

They both hinted that they wanted to stay friends, so at least there were no hard feelings.


Leigh and Chloe-Marie

Wow what a knock out couple! Sadly I don’t think these were suited from the start. Chloe-Marie is a very glamorous lady and maybe a little too high maintenance for Leigh.

Unlike Dyneal Leigh was put out that Chloe-Marie was 2 hours late, as he’s very time conscientious. However she looked fantastic so I think he forgave her pretty quickly.

The poor thing wasn’t thrilled about her buggee racing after spending hours getting ready for her date – she was clearly hoping for some pampering. Chloe-Marie is clearly not the adventurous/outdoorsy type, and there’s nothing wrong with that but it did mean they may not have had a chance to properly bond over the activity. However there was mutual attraction on both sides and a definite chemistry.

They both said that it was the best first date they had had, but lets not forget that neither of them would have had a first date in such a beautiful setting with sun sea and sand before so it’s easy to get caught up in the moment.

Chloe-Marie did break her 3 date rule and actually snog Leigh on their night out, but I suspect it was when they’d both had a few drinks. Can’t blame her! Wow what a hottie! And those abs!!! Swoon. Ahem anyway – Leigh was a real gentleman and they are both great catches, so I’m sure neither will be single for long.

Sadly because they lived far away from each other they had no plans to meet up again. On ‘Take me Out The Gossip’ they were both mirroring and matching which shows they were in rapport with each other and a mutual attraction, and the foundations were there to expand and grow the attraction/rapport. I don’t know if it was one or both that decided not to meet up again, but it was refreshing to see that there were no hard feelings.


Best of luck to both debut couples on Take Me Out!