Condom Challenge

Safe sex is of paramount importance, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon with the condom challenge giving it my own unique twist to try and reach the masses and spread the word. Never go in without a Skin!

Men and women carrying condoms and using them for sex, shows that they are educated and sexually mature enough to know the importance of not only avoiding unwanted pregnancy but also minimising the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. It is neither the responsibility of the man or woman to carry condoms it’s the responsibility of everyone engaging in sex.

I was a promiscuous young teenager who basically couldn’t be bothered to use condoms, something feel a little sad about now at 40 years old having borne no children. My lack of fertility could be due to the fact that for 5 years from the age of 15, I engaged in sex with multiple partners, unprotected and repeatedly went to the clinic to find that I was constantly contracting Chlamydia. Chlamydia is known to affect fertility and can make you infertile, and I knew that yet thought like many, that it wouldn’t happen to me. This might not seem that big a deal when you are younger, however trust me, in 10/20 years time you may think differently.

I didn’t want guys to reject me, so never suggested using condoms unless they did. I foolishly put their gratification, and my need for acceptance, attention and ‘love’, above my wellbeing. It was not a smart thing to do.

Check out my video and see how quickly I can put a condom on with my mouth! There is no excuse for it killing the moment, and if he doesn’t want you to wear one, then he doesn’t care about you. Fact!

If you like the video please share it so I can help spread the word about the importance of safe sex.


I’m Nominated for Sex Educator Of The Year Award

This year I’m excited to announce I have been nominated for an award at the erotic show of the year Sexhibition. I’m nominated for Sex Educator of the Year alongside some pretty awesome people….

……Alix Fox (we’ve recently connected, however not had the opportunity to meet – yet), Tracey Cox whom I have worked with on ITV’s The Other Side, Rachel McCoy and Domininc Masters whom I have never met but know they are respected in the industry, and last by no means least Goedele Liekens, a lady I very much admire for the sex education work she did in a UK school, which was documented on Channel 4.

I strongly believe we need to educate everyone about sex, not just young people, there are many adults that need guidance and understanding in this area. We should all be learning about our bodies and sex in a responsible, informative and fully educational way, by not offering this we are encouraging young people to watch porn and be exposed to inappropriate and in some instances extreme and niche sexual material for over 18’s on the internet. It’s the lack of sex education in schools that is causing the rise in underage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

My mission is to start speaking in schools, and educate young people, so that they can make the right choices, and not use sex as a way to make them feel acceptable, loved, confident, and to encourage them to engage in sex only when they are ready without giving in to peer pressure and at a pace that is comfortable for them with someone who cares about their well being.

This video is a very popular video I did at last years Sexhibition, highlighting why porn is not sex education, not real and not what young people should be attempting to recreate in their sexual relationships. I speak to Rebecca More, Linsey Dawn McKensie, Ella Hughes, Daisy Rock and Zara Du Rose to name but a few of the beautiful, intelligent ladies I spoke to in the porn industry keen to share their thoughts on teenagers watching porn.

If you like my values and support my work, I would love you to consider voting for me for this award, which would mean such a lot to me, however we are all deserved nominees so all votes are appreciated 🙂 Thank you.

Here’s the link to vote…

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 11.36.55


Who will be Crowned the Winning Couple on ITV2’s Love Island 2016

Well it has been quite a season of Love Island we’ve had highs and we’ve had pies, we’ve had tantrums and teasing, confused and bemused, and lots of saucy bedroom action!

My prediction for the shows winners are Cara and Nathan with Cady and Scott as a very close second. Cara and Nathan haven’t had much recent air time so lets hope that people still remember that they have been the strongest most consistent couple in there.

Here are my thoughts on the final couples…

Olivia and Alex:
Poor Alex has been given a hard time. Yes he failed the lie detector however what I see from him is a genuine kind hearted lad who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. He has a connection and feelings for Olivia, although I expect they will end up more as friends. If they do make a go of things romantically then Olivia needs to trust him and not let her past demons sabotage her relationship.

Cara and Nathan:
Although a strong couple inside the house once they leave Cara may try and tame Nathan’s wild partying ways, and if he’s not ready to be tamed then their relationship will  stand no chance whatsoever. Cara is in  danger of unconsciously stepping into a motherly role and nagging at him if she’s not careful, this would lead to his his rebellious side coming out in full force and she would end up pushing him away.

Cady and Scott:
Outside of the house their relationship will be extremely volatile, and simply won’t be sustainable, although it will be passionate and fiery and they will have some fun times, however especially on nights out once lubricated with alcohol they will have some nasty arguments. Scotts jealousy and distrust will mean there will be lots of drama. Scott has already said he doesn’t trust Cady, and without trust in a relationship, what have you got? Nada. Cady is too young to think about settling down she should be finding out more about herself before she settles. Cady and Scott are at different stages in their lives wanting different things, this will be apparent when they leave.

Terry and Emma:
It is pretty clear to everyone, and even Emma is now realising it, that these guys have no future as a couple. They are both strong characters who like to be in control so outside of the house they will clash big time. Terry will want to be footloose and fancy free to enjoy the attention from the ladies when he gets out. And whey the hell not? That’s what they should all be doing!

Adam and Katie:
This couple I am seeing mixed signals from. They undoubtedly have a connection and you can see how they totally get each others banter, however the kiss that he gave her was not the passionate kiss he reported. I don’t know if there’s an element of him being shy being intimate around the cameras, however it could mean he sees her more of a friend. If they do make a go of it, then this is the couple I think will have the strongest chance of a relationship, despite only officially being together a matter of days.

I wish them all the very best because they have been fantastic to watch!

Catch up with the news as it unfolds on Twitter:

Watch it here:

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What are fanny farts [Queefing] and how to prevent them – Sex Education

This video was inspired by Sexpod. If you haven’t seen this frank open sex education programme, catch it in the UK, on Wednesdays 5Star 10pm.

If you are a straight, bi or lesbian woman or a straight or bi guy then fanny farts will be something you have most probably experienced. They are completely normal, and they are not real farts, there are no gasses. It is pure air so they do not smell! They are also generally caused by the giver and not the receiver of sex.

What exactly are they? Why are they so embarrassing? And how can you prevent them?

I answer all those questions and more here in this video.


Sexpod Frank open Discussions about Sex – Sex Education – with Sexpert advice

If you missed the second episode last night of the revoloutionary new sex show on 5Star Sexpod you can catch up here. Last night we experts gave advice on average penis size, anal sex, prostate massage, virginity and much more. The live sex demonstrations even show you exactly what to do!


What are the Rules if you are in a Relationship and taking a break?

Is it a hall pass?

Is kissing ok?

Is any physical sexual contact a no no?

What she really means when she says “Let’s take a break” or agrees to one is, step up, prove your worth, make me feel like the only girl in the world, show me how much you love/care for me. Don’t give up on me! Fight for me!

This video was inspired by Geordie Shores Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle after Gary allegedly had a threesome filming Ex on The Beach after spending his last night before the show with Charlotte. This prompted another break up in their on/off relationship. There’s mixed views as to whether this is ok I’m finding out from my pol on Twitter which currently shows that 29% of people think it’s ok to sleep with someone else, 47% of people think it’s not ok, and 24% of people think kissing is ok.

If you want to make sure there are no misunderstandings when you are ‘taking a break’ then watch my video and I’ll show you how.

I’m one of the Experts featured on SexPod 5Star 11th May

I’m excited to announce that I will be one of the featured Sexperts on  a brand new 5 Star Series called Sexpod.

The first episode airs tomorrow night (Wednesday the 11th May 10pm). The show feels engaging, real, non-judgmental, funny, informative and in certain places quite graphic but always from an educational perspective! Sexpod covers all genders and sexualities and it also gets to really show how confusing, scary, worrying, fun and hilarious sex can be for the young people that come to the Sexpod.

If you’re 18-25 and have questions about sex this show is for you, you might find some of the answers to questions about sex you have always wanted to know. And if not, tweet me and I’ll do my best to answer your questions live online tomorrow during the show. I’d love to hear what you think so do tweet/Facebook me 🙂

We’ve even got Pick of the Day from the Guardian!

Sexpod 5Star

Sexpod 5Star

I Talk how to create the perfect Online Dating Profile with Notts TV

Yes there is a science to creating the perfect online dating profile, and I have created a unique 5 Step formula to guarentee you success with your online dating. Here I discuss my steps with Frances Finn on Notts T.V.

If you want me to take a look at your dating profile listen to my offer at the end of the show.

This link is available for a limited time only…

NottsTV link here




Something for the weekend?

Do you think that sex toys are just for women? Nope. They are for everyone!

If you have never tried a cock ring out, then I suggest you read on, as I’m about to explain how they work and what they can do to create an intense mutually satisfying experience.

Cock rings come in various materials including silicone, metal, rubber, plastic and leather. They can either be one ring to go over and rest on the base of the penis, or they can be 2/3 rings to include the balls.

They also come in different sizes, however the stretchy ones like the silicone should work for most average sized penises. The idea is that they are tight to restrict the blood flow, however they shouldn’t be uncomfortable and they shouldn’t be worn for extended periods of time. 30 minutes maximum is recommended.

They work by allowing the blood flow through to the penis, but not allowing it out, so be careful and don’t leave it on for too long.

The benefits of using a cock ring for intercourse are:

  1. It maintains your erection longer increasing stamina
  2. Keeps your erection mega hard
  3. More intense orgasm, some guys even report multiple orgasms!!
  4. Increases blood flow to your penis making it look rather impressive to your partner
  5. They can assist with erectile dysfunction

For heterosexual couples you can get cock rings made from silicone with a small vibrator attached. The small bullet vibrator is designed to sit on the top side of the penis so that during intercourse it sends waves of vibrations to her clitoris, and send you both into ecstasy!

If you fancy giving them a try I have found some great deals for cock rings on Love Honey this weekend.

I recommend Tracey Cox’s Edge Optimum Pleasure Vibrating Stamina Ring. It’s only £7.50 with 50% off.


For explosive orgasms for bothof you!

For explosive orgasms for both of you!