I Talk Sex, Masturbation, Orgasm & Girl sex with The Women’s Institute

Last week I unleashed my new talk on Nottingham City’s Women’s Institute ladies. It was their most successful night of the year so far with a record turn out of over 30 ladies, of all ages from 21 to 70! They were literally queuing out of the door.

There’s a misconception that all the Women’s Institute do is make jam and cakes and drink tea. I can assure you this wasn’t the case; whilst we did have a delicious array of cakes, we also quaffed boozy Cosmopolitans whilst I talked about sex: losing my virginity, masturbation, orgasm and my decade as an escort!

The W.I. are very supportive of sex workers, which goes to show what an open minded bunch of women they really are.

I wanted to create a talk to deliver in synergy with the message of my new book. Which is to empower women and make them feel good about their sexuality, feel like they are doing the right things in the bedroom, whilst encouraging them to try new things in a way that’s accessible to all women, not just the ones who are super confident.

From the feedback I got I nailed it! I just need to decide what to call my talk. Any ideas?

Lets talk about sex

Lets talk about sex

img_6614 img_6606 Sex Talk Sex Education

Bondage: I get tied up by Jack the Whipper Japanese Bondage stylee Kinbaku

I’m going to be bringing you a series of videos where I explore sexuality and different kinks by some of the countries leading experts in sexuality and kink, and here I introduce you to my first.

At Sexhibition in Manchester I experienced one of Jack the Whippers bondage classes, and it certainly was an eye opener. His knotting skills were exemporary, and he embodied the artistry of Japanese rope bondage. As a fellow martial artist I respected his skill and assertiveness and he tied me up good and proper like a hog roast! You will see the care he takes with every line of rope. There are no twists no rope is out of line, the symmetry was pleasing to the eye and although i couldn’t move a micro milimeter I felt secure and packaged neatly. The rope gave me a feeling of comfort, almost like I was being hugged. I felt safe.

Bondage might seem weird or extreme to some people however there is something exciting and erotic about being tied. It gives you the opportunity to explore boundaries, create anticipation, explore your submissive or dominant side (which must only be done between people who respect each other and trust implicitly). Bondage is a unique and powerful experience that takes sex and intimacy to a whole new level. It opens up a plethora of possibilities for sensual exploration both emotional and imaginative.

There are still people that feel a level of guilt or shame around sex and being tied up is one way to explore relinquishing the guilt, by being tied up. The knots and rope can be used in a sensual way to create friction on nipples, around the vagina, balls and perineum, add in a vibrator and the vibrations will travel down the rope for a unique sensation.

I hope you enjoy the video demo, if you do please like, share and subscribe, there’s more coming very soon!

If you want to try out some mild bondage with ‘tie and tease’ just bring an element of restriction into play with either cuffs, restraints and/or blindfolds then check out my boutique for a few ides to get you started. If you have any questions about the products don’t hesitate to ask 🙂

Handcuffs, blindfolds and more kink here..

My Sexpert Advice in BestFit Magazine

You can catch my Sexpert advice in Issue 25 of BestFit magasine. I give encouraging advice to a guy who has a small penis, advice to a woman who wants sexy time in the bedroom to last longer with her partner,  and someone who’s partner is watching porn.



Lets Talk about Sex – BBC Radio Nottingham today

I’ll be on live at 3pm on the Alan Clifford show talking about how and why I became a Sexpert and introducing my new book 101 Sex Tips, The Great British Sexpert’s Guide to Pleasing Your Man. Grab a cup of tea, join me, and listen in here… http://www.bbc.co.uk/radionottingham





Monogamy ~ Sexy Game & Foreplay Fun

Don’t let your relationship go all Brangelina!

Relationships are hard work, and whats needed is awareness in the changing dynamics. Inevitably all relationships change over time, it could be you want different lifestyles/goals, it may be one of you ends up with an addiction problem, it could be illness either mental of physical including stress, or a new addition to the family. All these things and much more put a strain on your relationship and it can mean that basic intimacy gets forgotten.

It’s important to be aware of these changes because it’s these challenging times when you need to make sure that intimacy levels don’t slip. Let me clarify that by intimacy I don’t necessarily mean sex. Intimacy is a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or even holding hands and clothed touching.

If you’re nervous about initiating intimacy, perhaps it’s been a long time, or scared to be open about your needs, perhaps you want more foreplay, or more sex, or to spice up your sex life and try new things, if you’re in a monogamous relationship then Monogamy is the game to do all of these things and much more.

Find out how it can help you with your sex life and relationship here…


5 Tips Stop Your Husband Cheating

Brad and Angelina affair. 5 of my Top Tips to Ways to stop your husband cheating

Brad and Angelina affair. 5 of my Top Tips to Ways to stop your husband cheating

In light of Brads alleged affair I was inspired to post…

Infidelity is sadly rife in many marriages and relationships today, and with the consistent reports of cheating celebrities and sports stars, it’s almost considered the norm.

Here are my top Five Tips to stop your husband straying:

1) Be aware of any changing dynamics in the relationship and make sure communication channels are open.

Are you growing apart? Has sex become infrequent or non-existent? Are you no longer physically attracted to your partner? Are you rejecting his advances? Is he rejecting yours? If you feel any of these things, your marriage is in the danger zone! Burying your head in the sand is not the way to deal with things. As long as you are aware and addressing issues as they arise, you should be able to keep your marriage on track. Always communicate in a positive, open way and be willing to compromise.

If he tries to address worries or concerns with the relationship, listen to him and don’t get defensive — otherwise he may not communicate in the future and just go and cheat.

The thing is that men are clumsy and they are not natural communicators like women, so cut him some slack and try not to take what he says literally. If he thinks you’ll fly off the handle he won’t bother again. Listen to him and try to find solutions for his concerns. That way he will be encouraged to communicate more often and will be less likely to cheat.

Communication is a two-way street and you both have to be open to it and encourage it — not avoid it.

2) Don’t forget the flirty little things that you can do even when the kids are home: little strokes, kisses, touches and squeezes.

These intimate gestures don’t take a lot of time and effort but they are the things that you will notice couples in love doing. They help to keep the connection, which in turn will minimize the risk of him straying.

Men are visual so don’t forget the teasing views you can give him; for example if he loves your breasts, try a low-cut top. Perhaps you’re in the kitchen and need to bend down and happen to be wearing a short dressing gown or nightdress. Flirting should be fun and exciting. If his eyes are on you, then he won’t be looking elsewhere!

3) If possible, be spontaneous with lovemaking and have fun exploring sexual fantasies and desires.

I do understand that it is difficult when you have children and busy lives, but if you can make things spontaneous when the moment arises it is priceless. He will be thinking about you at work and throughout his day. He’s unlikely to be noticing other women when he has spontaneous sex. Instead of making excuses when the rare opportunity arises, just go for it! It will probably make you feel better too. After all, headaches are cured with a good orgasm, so it’s not a valid excuse for avoiding sex. Spontaneous doesn’t mean you have to make it about him; it’s a huge turn on for men when you use their body for your own gratification.

Talk to your partner about his desires and fantasies and see if there’s a way you are comfortable accommodating them in some capacity. Experiment with your own fantasies.

4) Be confident in who you are as a person and know your values. Don’t allow yourself to be a push over. Demand respect.

Many guys cheat simply because they are allowed to. A serial cheat doesn’t respect women and never will. I know people want to stay together for their children, but what sort of example is set when the kids see their mother accepting infidelity in the marriage? Even if you think you are hiding things well, children pick up on the vibes. They know whether they have parents that are a team or if they despise or just put up with each other. If it is the latter, they see that there is no affection. Think about how your actions and choices will affect their future relationships.

5) Make sure that you make quality time for just the two of you.

Having children doesn’t mean that you should neglect your marriage; you both need to find time to work on your marriage and keep the connection. After all, your marriage is the foundation for your family — your roots, so to speak.

Try to find a way to have some sort of date night at least once every couple of weeks — a night where you get sitters or take the kids to stay with relatives and do something fun, relaxing or romantic just the two of you.

You both need quality time together and it’s imperative that you find it somehow. Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t, because if you think you can’t then you can’t. Be the glass-half-full person, realize the importance and think, “how can I make time?” Then you will start to come up with solutions.

I can help stop him cheating….

101 sex tips to stop him cheating

101 sex tips to stop him cheating

Check out my new sex tips Book 101 Sex Tips – A Guide To Pleasing Your Man, available now, get your signed copy from my Boutique, just click the tab on my home page 🙂 

Am I infertile? Lets Bring Awareness to Sexual Health Week

With the lack of sex education, teenage pregnancies and STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases) on the rise there has never been a more important time to raise awareness about sexual health.

If you are sexually active then you need to make sure you visit the clinic for G.U. Medicine and ensure you are not carrying any transmittable diseases. Firstly not all STD’s have symptoms, so don’t think you don’t have to go if you don’t have any. You can catch diseases both orally and via the penis, anus and vagina.

The simple solution is use condoms! Always. The only time it may be ok not to use them is if you are in a long term, relationship, you 100% trust your partner and you both get the all clear before you enter into sexual activity. However you can never 100% guarentee fidelity. The most important thing is to be aware of STD’s and periodically check yourself out at the clinic for peace of mind.

As a teenager I had regular promiscous sex from the ages of 15-20, and I was constantly back and forth to the clinic with Chlamydia. Childless at 41 I often wonder if I made myself infertile (which is one of the long term risks of STD’s).

I’m giving away FREE condoms with all orders from my Boutique in support of Sexual Health Week. Just click the Boutique tab on the menu to see what’s on offer.


I Explore the Dark side with Sexhibition

Sexhibition is an erotic feast for your eyes, a heady indulgent experience where you can choose to voyeur discreetly as a regular passer by, dip your toe in the water and explore new ideas or release your hedonistic side and get immersed in the more risqué activities, in a place where you can be true to yourself, dressing however you choose, regardless of gender, sexual preferences or lifestyle.

In it’s second year Sexhibition is still finding it’s feet, however it still manages to wow as the U.K.s Erotic exhibition of the year. There was a lot more focus on fetish this year perhaps due to the sponsors being Whiplr.

I was selling my books (both my brand new Sex Tips book and my autobiography The Girlfriend Experience) on The Slut bookstand and reading corner with fellow author the lovely Victoria Bliss.

Although I didn’t win the award for Sex Educator of the year at the awards (it went to a very deserving and lovely Alix Fox), I would like to thank everyone that took the trouble to vote for me, as I know it was a faff!

If you haven’t heard of this event, look it up as 2017 is already in the planning 😉 Cheryl Smith is the lady behind this incredible event.

Keep up with the news for next year here: http://www.sexhibitionexpo.co.uk/

Blog 1 of 2. Part 2 coming soon. I’ll be covering next week the Bondage Masterclass I attended at Sexhibition and sharing a video where I talk to Jack Whipper about why couples should experiement with rope play.


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Giveaway – Free Signed Book Copies 101 Sex Tips & Ways to Please Your Man

The time has come! Finally my new sex tips book is out and available to buy from my Sexpert Boutique (and all good book shops :). However you may want to get your hands on a free one… and why wouldn’t you??

I’m giving away 5 signed copies, watch my video to find out what you need to do to be one of those 5 lucky people to get their hands on the very first copies of my book!

I’ve been sharing my tips and sex advice for years,  via my first book The Girlfriend Experience, some via my blog and social media however I have now collated my tips on sexually pleasing men in one book. This book is all about how to please your man, can you guess what my next one will be? I haven’t forgotten you ladies don’t worry. I know men need guidance too on how to please women.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off GBBO I mix cake, sex and tea, in this sex tips book with a difference.


Is It too Soon For Sex?

When is the ‘right time’ to have sex? There is no one size fits all (scuse the pun) it is different from person to person. All I will say is that you shouldn’t feel pressure to have sex, sex should be something you do only when it feels right for you and when there is consent without pressure for all parties.

Anyone that pressures you is not going to be a sensitive lover, they only care about their own gratification. One thing to consider is the reasons why you want to have sex. I’ve talked about this in my last blog. I had self esteem issues which led to me being very promiscous as a teenager, something I regret now.

Are you having sex to feel ‘loved’ and accepted and as a temporary ‘feel good’ fix, or are you considering having sex because you are with someone who respects you and someone you want to explore intimacy with at a pace that is comfortable for both of you?

Think about it and when you’re ready make sure you have safe sex and use a condom. Always. Remember the pill does not protect you from STD’s.

If you’re not ready for sex and want to try other options for penetration. Have your fella try arm pit sex or thigh sex… or how about let him masturbate between your bum cheeks or breasts 😉

There’s lots more tips coming in my sex tips book due out at the end of this month August 2016. 101 Sex Tips. A Guide to Pleasing Your Man…

Buy condoms and other sexy stuff in my Boutique!