Porn Stars, Kink, Striptease, Tantra, Sex Toys & Erotic writers: I talk to some of the Sexy People at Sexhibition

It’s now been a couple of weeks since the shenanigans of Sexhibition in Manchester, an event which I believe is encouraging with regards to where us Brits are with regards to our views on sexuality.

Ok we had Erotica in London that started in 1997, but it lost it’s spark in more recent years, however never have we seen a main stream event host a sex party!

The visitors didn’t just consist of kinky couples and ‘brown rain coated’ men in glasses, it was an eclectic group of people ranging from the couple you might see out in a pub Sunday lunch time, to curious teenagers and school teachers. Of course the kinky crowd were out in full swing too, however it really was such a diverse crowd that really highlighted that British attitudes to sex are changing. It is becoming more acceptable to be open about sex and ones sexuality.

One of the workshops I decided to partake in was Jo Kings Kingesis Sensual Confidence. The reason for this were two fold; firstly I have admired Jo from afar for many years as a leader in burlesque and strip tease, but second of all because part of my job as a Sexpert is sexual empowerment and I was keen to see how Jo tackled this subject and her teaching methods. I can confirm that it was not what I expected in a good way – she covered a lot of the foundations through her interactive workshop. However there is far much more to learn so we got the tip of the ice burg in the 1 hour session. Women and men listen up. Do not use lack of confidence as an excuse for not being where you want in life and in love. If you don’t have it, get it. And with workshops like Jo’s accessible to everyone there is no reason not to be the confident person that you desire and deserve!

I was very sad to miss out on Rebecca Lowrie’s introduction to Tantra, but fear not, I will be connecting with this intriguing lady and will report back soon and share my findings.

I spoke to a number of authors of Erotic literature ladies such as Cara Sutra, Victoria Blisse, Lucy Felthouse and Zack Jane Keir, all of whom confirmed the rise in popularity of erotic literature, especially since E.L James bought bondage into the mainstream with a bang. If you want your real life sex slut tales then I can recommend this ladies controversial book: Roxana Shirazi The Last Living Slut. It’s currently keeping me entertained during the evenings.

Sex toys were a big thing, excuse the pun, and I spent a bit of time learning from Josh at Sweet Pleasure Direct which the popular toys were. I was kindly given the Magic Wand to test and review, so watch out for my video review cuming soon 😉

Sister Jacqui Moff from The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence was there to serve the community and bless all that befell her with joy and radiance and fabulousness. I must purchase some cherry glasses!

Lastly the XXX arena was host to various UK porn Stars, including some of my personal favourites… The legend that is Linsey Dawn Mckensie, Daisy Rock, Rebecca More, Zara DuRose, Lu Elissa, Ella Huges and Lucia Love. All of whom took the time to chat to me and my camera man and share some sex tips discussing Real Sex verses Porn Sex.

Porn sex v’s Real sex starring Rebecca More,Linsey Dawn McKensie & more girls fantasy sex & reality












10 Top Tips for Things to do to Beat the January Blues

It’s peak time for break ups and divorces after the pressures of Christmas and the promise of a new year.

Moral is usually low with people feeling a level of self loathing because of over indulgence in food, alcohol and the wallet!

And all in all it can be a pretty depressing month, if you choose it to be.

Top 10 Tips to Feel Good This January

1.    Don’t hide away, plan to catch up with friends and family. Make dates and socialise.

2.    Avoiding alcohol is a waste of time if you do it for one month and then start your binge drinking. Why not cut down and enjoy a glass of wine with friends rather than cutting it out altogether; (which will feel like deprivation so you crave it more), and commit to a life style change over the year?

3.    Make achievable small goals rather than lots of big ones. Stopping smoking and drinking, and losing weight are all very common ones, but they are all big life style changes and are things to really plan for not expect to achieve immediate success with all in January. These are things I can assist with using Hypnosis, and there are other therapies too. Feeling a failure for breaking your resolutions will further enhance self loathing and feelings of disappointment and letting yourself down. The point is not to avoid making big changes, but to be realistic as to what you are willing to commit to doing, so you allow yourself to feel a sense of achievement, which will boost morale and pave the way for the bigger changes. Life style changes (such as eating less, stopping drinking or cutting down) take planning, and usually time in getting to the bottom of why there is over induldgence and replacing those urges with a new positive behaviour or habit.

4.    If you have kids or nieces/nephews and friends with kids spend quality time with them. Kids are wonderfully oblivious to January being different to any other month, apart from having lots of new toys to play with. They will lift your spirits and make you smile.

5.    Get out in the fresh air – don’t hide away. Our bodies need sunlight and vitamin D. Even if it’s walking to the shop, make sure you spend at least an hour a day outside.

6.    Eat well. Replenish your body after the indulgence of the festive season. You will be surprised how you feel after a week or two of making sure you eat all your greens. Home made smoothies and juicers are a great way to boost your energy and wellbeing. You may find you pick up a bargain juicer at this time of year! Avoid/minimise the foods that make you sluggish like bread and excess carbohydrates.

7.    In January it’s very easy to become focused on ones self – helping others is a great way to feel good and create some good Karma/positive energy for the coming year. Make time to help family/friends that are close to heart or there may be a charity event you can support. Maybe it’s taking unwanted Christmas presents to charity shops instead of making money of Ebay. Giving is a great way to feel good and feel a sense of achievement.

8.    Inspire and motivate yourself. Instead of spending hours watching inane T.V shows out of boredom during the dark winter months, why not search You Tube and watch inspiring seminars and interviews? There is so much on there, that you can watch something new every day! T.V is the perfect way to keep that sluggish, self-loathing feeling to the fore.

9.    Visualize the positive changes you want for the year. Take time out of your day to sit in a quiet space if you can or do it at night before you sleep, or when you wake up, to visualize how things would be when you are living the lifestyle you want to live. How you would feel, what you would see, hear, smell. The more realistic you can make it, then your unconscious mind gets tricked that it is real and will guide you to achieve your success for real!

10. Be grateful and happy with what you have. Sometimes people can 100% put their focus in the future that they forget to live in the present an acknowledge the things they have in their life – family, friends, water, a roof over their head, good health. Goals are healthy to have to assist growth however you still need to live in the moment to see the beauty and opportunities that are around you every day.

For new and existing clients for information on how I can assist you, including bonus time on all one to ones and Skype/Phone for January. get in touch today!


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#Stoptober 10 Reasons why Stopping Drinking and/or Smoking is Good for your Love Life

1. Skin Complexion

Smoking clogs your pores and aside from giving you a dulling complexion it can age you drastically and cause wrinkles

Drinking is high in sugar and excess sugar is bad for the complexion and can cause spots

 2. Smell Nicer

Smoking not only makes your breath stink but it also will stink out your car, clothes, house and everything!

Drinking excess sugar means that even if you clean your teeth regularly your breath still won’t be fresh and the sugar that rots in your mouth is present in the saliva formed even after teeth brushing

3. More Money More Dates 

Smoking is like burning money literally, so no excuse for not affording to date when you make a choice to buy cigarettes. A week at 20 a day could buy a meal for 2 somewhere special!

Regular drinking of alcohol is an expensive habit. Dating and avoiding alcohol will help you see if you genuinely like the person rather than judgement being cloud by booze

4. Without Poisons Energy Levels Increase

Both alcohol and smoking give your body temporary hits. Nicotine and alcohol will both give you a head rush which can seem like you have more energy however it quickly goes and you slump which is when you either reach for another cigarette or ‘hair of the dog’. To cleanse your system of both of these poisons you will feel your natural energy levels increase without stimulation

5. Better in bed – Increased fertility & Stamina

Smoking can decrease fertility in both men and women

Alcohol can affect both men and women making orgasm difficult, and for men there can be the unfortunate added effect of ‘brewers droop’

6. Vitality – feel good

Stopping one or both of these things will inevitably have a positive effect on your health and well being. The longer you can do it for them the better. Once you get past 4 weeks and you’re feeling great, you may find you no longer want to drink or smoke!

7. Increased social skills

Instead of being banished outside to mix with other smokers you will get to have uninterrupted chat with none smokers when you a out and about

The false confidence that drinking provides can be very unattractive to the opposite sex. It is a big turn off to be chatted up by someone who has clearly had too much to drink! Your conversation will be far more interesting if you aren’t under the influence

8. You May lose Weight 

Although smokers can find that they eat more – it’s a matter of eating low fat healthy snacks like raw carrots to avoid putting on weight

After a drink you are more inclined to eat junk either late at night or throughout the next day. Hence you have the high calorie intake of both sugary alcoholic drinks and junk food which inevitably means you will be at risk of being over weight and/or high blood pressure

9. More inclined to Keep Fit & Exercise

Without cigarettes your lung function will improve over time – meaning that your fitness levels will increase enabling you to endure more exercise

Increased energey levels through avoiding alcohol may encourage you to start exercising and the less time you spend in the pub or drinking at home the more time you can spend working out

 10. Wasted Days

Think of the days you take off your life by being a smoker and the time wasted over the years when you could have been doing something constructive. A pack of 20 could be an hour a day of puffing!

After excessive drinking comes the dreaded hangover how many days have you wasted feeling sorry for yourself in bed or on the sofa? You could be out and about and meeting the love of your life in the park or at B & Q. If you’re in a relationship then you’re more inclined to go out for the full day and do something fun if you’re both not hungover

So there’s 10 reasons why your love and sex life could be improved with Stoptober. If you need help with this I can help you using Hypnosis and/or NLP techniques.

Get in Touch with me Today and find out more.

I am happy to answer any questions you have about Hypnosis, as I am aware that, what you see on T.V (stage Hypnosis, Derren Brown), is very misrepresentative of Hypnotherapy.

Please bear in mind that any participants for T.V shows are very carefully selected.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way to address many addictions, fears and phobias.


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