Giveaway – Free Signed Book Copies 101 Sex Tips & Ways to Please Your Man

The time has come! Finally my new sex tips book is out and available to buy from my Sexpert Boutique (and all good book shops :). However you may want to get your hands on a free one… and why wouldn’t you??

I’m giving away 5 signed copies, watch my video to find out what you need to do to be one of those 5 lucky people to get their hands on the very first copies of my book!

I’ve been sharing my tips and sex advice for years,  via my first book The Girlfriend Experience, some via my blog and social media however I have now collated my tips on sexually pleasing men in one book. This book is all about how to please your man, can you guess what my next one will be? I haven’t forgotten you ladies don’t worry. I know men need guidance too on how to please women.

Inspired by The Great British Bake Off GBBO I mix cake, sex and tea, in this sex tips book with a difference.


Dating Profile and in Person Coaching Feedback

Many thanks to Mel, who sent me this feedback to share on my blog.

‘I’d been online dating for quite a few months but wasn’t having any success attracting the right men.

Online dating for me was an endless string of disappointing dates. I work full time and I found it time consuming, unproductive and extremely frustrating.

The rare occasion I would meet a guy I liked although they always said they wanted to meet again it never came to fruiition. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

You helped me firstly specifically target my profile to the type of men I wanted to attract, saving me so much time.

Secondly we met and the day we worked together was invaluable. Aside from the dating advice and feedback you gave me on a sample date, I came away feeling confident, empowered and it became clear why and where I had been going wrong.

I feel honoured to be able to learn from your unique experiences with men. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting your guidance on clothes to suit and flatter my figure and personality. The two outfits I bought whilst with you, I absolutely love and I have noticed many admiring glances. I even got chatted up in the street the other day!

I’m enjoying online dating now thanks to you and I am finally dating the men I want to date… and not just the once!

If anyone is feeling frustrations with online dating, I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough.’

If you want me to give your dating profile a make over then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


New Photgraphs and Website

Last week I had a fabulous afternoon with Marcus Holdsworth shooting photographs for my new website.

It was all very British and twee, and we even had afternoon tea!

The new website and photographs will be coming soon, but here’s a little taster for now. Watch this space!

Feedback From My Relationship & Dating Advice Skype Consultations

You have asked me for feedback and for 3 things I took away from working with you, and I’m going to keep it very simple…

1)   Acceptance – Of myself (first and foremost) and others

2)   Understanding – What choices I was making that were blocking me from achieving the relationship I desired

3)   Love – Love of myself, love and compassion towards others which (after being single since my divorce 9 years ago) has facilitated a relationship with a wonderful man!

If anyone is reading this and contemplating contacting Rebecca – do not hesitate. This woman has changed my life for the better by far exceeding my initial expectations.

I thought my new kitchen was the best investment I had made this year, however there is no question about it – it is Rebecca!

Grace. U.S.A

The Girlfriend Experience Review

Alan has kindly written me an email review of my book to share with my blog readers:

I just finished reading Rebecca Dakin’s The Girlfriend Experience, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Normally I am not intrigued by autobiographies, but as a long-time “hobbiest” I found it fascinating to read of the “hobby” from the girl’s point of view. I found the book to be a quick read – the compelling story of a woman’s journey in life and how she came to be an escort. Along the way, she learned how to run her own business – how to manage her professional reputation, properly market her business, and stay organized and professional. She also offers useful tips for potential clients. (We’ve all read reviews with the “YMMV” comment – Rebecca tells us what we as clients can do to make that mileage vary to our benefit, and although much of this advice seems like common sense, apparently there are far too many of us that don’t follow it.) She also provides her advice for escorts who wish to provide the GFE. Bottom line – this is really a no-brainer. This book is available in the US on in Kindle format for $0.99, and it is rare that I can say this about a book, but this book would be a great value at ten times that price!

So why did I engage the services of a Dating Coach?

Many thanks to Amanda B for writing a testimonial for me to share to my readers. You were a pleasure to work with. You listened and implemented my suggestions therefore got results! Well done gorgeous lady x

‘I consider myself a reasonably attractive woman and when I go out with my girlfriends I do get attention, however it’s always from the wrong guys. So I decided to try a different tactic and give online dating a try. 

Sadly it proved no different. I attracted men that seemed to want to engage in hours of online chat, which would always turn sexual (and was initiated on their part), and I wasn’t sure how to handle this. I didn’t encourage but I didn’t discourage it either, and when we eventually met I would meet for drinks have a few glasses of wine and occasionally sleep with the guys I met and then I would never hear from them again.

I found Rebecca through You Tube when searching for help with online dating.  Although I was worried at first about buying an online service from a person and not company, after an initial email enquiry where she invited me to ask any questions I had about her service, I felt at ease, and we arranged to speak that week. We get help from a personal trainer when we want help at the gym, so why not get a trainer for dating when we want help with that?

Rebecca spotted immediately why my profile was attracting the wrong men. I hadn’t thought twice about using photos with me glammed up and on nights out with my friends, cocktail in hand, on my profile. She made me realise that I was selling myself as a good time party girl and not ‘girlfriend material’. This is merely one of the things she highlighted to me. After we tweaked my profile I had a couple more consultations with her, and with her advice I am now attracting the type of men that I want to attract. I haven’t found a guy who I want to be exclusive with yet, for now I am just enjoying my dating experiences and taking time to get to know people properly, instead of rushing into bed with them!

It’s helping my self esteem no end being asked on further dates, rather than having a succession of one date wonders! Thank you Rebecca!

I would highly recommend Rebecca’s services, but I hope I won’t need her again!

Amanda B – Cheshire x

Book feedback – The Girlfriend Experience

I wanted to share a lovely email I received with you from a lady who enjoyed The Girlfriend Experience…


I want to start by saying I loved your book! I’ve wanted it for a while and once I got a Kindle, it was the first thing I did. I read it in about two days – couldn’t put it down!

I’ll mention at this point that I’m not an utter cukoo… I guess I work in the adult industry aswell, although I’m not an escort. I’m a camgirl on adultwork (kinkyredhead69 – just to prove I’m not a nutter lol) but found so much inspiration from your book. I felt reading your book that I could really relate to you and we seem to have very similar personality traits.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for bringing out such an amazing and inspiring book. I really found I could relate to it even though I am not an escort myself, and felt the need to tell you as well – that despite how you feel about yourself, you are actually very beautiful and have an amazing figure to be proud of.

Take care and good luck with your future ventures,

Ruby Redhead –  Twitter kinkyredhead69