What you drink on a First Date says about you

So what does your first drink on a date say about you?

Beer draft – I’m a proper lads lad, like my beer, like to go out with the boys OR I can keep up with the boys I’m a ladette, and on it like a car bonnet!

Beer bottle – I’m a respectable sort of chap and I prefer quality over quantity – draft beer in restaurants is never good!

Double spirit – I need some of that Dutch courage

Soft drink – I’m serious about looking for love

Water tap water – I’m a cheap skate

Water bottled – I’m a little bland and some say I’m a snob

Blow job, slippery nipple or sex on the beach – I’m a perv (you’re a creep too if you say it with a smile!)

Snake bite – I wanna fight!!

Long Island – One of these and I’ll be sorted

Mojito – I’m a very patient person and not that thirsty right now

Courvoisier – I think I’m a rapper. Just call me Fif T

Grey goose – I think I’m cool I hear the V.I.P’s and celebs order it by the bottle

Wine and shot – I’m a wine guzzling piss head extraordinaire on a mission to get legless

Large wine – I am a wine whore, but I don’t think I’m that bad I only have 6 glasses a night that’s about half a bottle isn’t it?

Standard wine – I like to play it safe, I enjoy wine but in moderation

Spritzer – I like my wine but don’t want to get too pissed so I water it down

Gin – I like a good drink, but I’m emotionally unstable. I have my highs and I have my lows

Champagne – I have too much money, or I’m pretending to

Cava/Prosecco – I’m fun down to earth but like my bubbles

Tequila – I’m a little crazy, but in a good way

Shot (general) – I’m not bothered about eating on a date. Eatings cheating innit?

I wonder what the First Dates crowd will be drinking this evening 😉


How Lazy are you in Love, Dating & Relationships?

Take this quiz to find out…

For every one that applies to you give yourself 1 point. Then tot up your score…
1.    You know what you want and you expect to be able to have it without developing yourself as a person. After all you think people should take you as you are or not at all

2.    You think you know best. If you can’t figure out your problems then no one else will be able to help

3.    You think if you see a therapist or coach that it is their job to ‘fix’ you during the time you spend with them and they shouldn’t require you to actually do anything – otherwise why would you pay someone?

4.    You haven’t got time to spend on self- development

5.    You expect dating and relationships to be easy

6.    You would rather cheat than end a relationship

7.    You would rather be unhappy than end a relationship

8.    You’re happy to ‘make do’

9.    You have decided online dating is a waste of time  

10. You’d rather chat on social media than approach and talk to a new person

11. Wholly committing and investing time and money in seeking someone to guide you on how to have better relationships and success dating seems a waste of time, after all if you wait long enough the man/woman of your dreams will magically appear and fall on your lap when you least expect it

12. You want to change your life, but you don’t actually change your life  

If you have answered yes to any of these, then you’re either in a relationship, but if you’re honest with yourself, not truly happy, or you’re single and looking or single and not officially looking however hoping that eventually your soul mate will appear before you at some point before you retire!



1-4 There’s no winners here. You’re lazy! However with a few tweaks you could be well on your way to finding relationship, love and dating happiness. If you want to discover how I can help you achive this then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

5-8 Ok there’s no question about it, you are very lazy! There’s a lot to work on here if you want to achieve success and happiness in Love, dating and relationships. It is going to take an investment of time and patience. You get one shot at life, you can either ‘make do’ or choose to excell in all areas of your life and enjoy the happiness and fulfillment that comes from being in a healthy, loving mutually respectful relationship. If you feel the time is right and want to find out how I can be of assistance, contact me today!

9-12 Oh dear, you’re the laziest person ever! You must be really unhappy or bored with your life. If you ever want to experience the true happiness you deserve, if you get in touch with me, I’ll show you how.


Are you lazy?

First Dates – Here’s how to ‘Shag ‘n Bag’ or ‘Date ‘n Ditch’

Inspired by the TV Show First dates this blog is designed to give you an easy guide on how to end up with one of 5 results below on your first date…

  1. Shag ‘em and bag ‘em – First Date, sex, then never to be seen again
  2. Date n’ Ditch – First date, then quick escape
  3. Fun ‘n Cum – First date then … party hard both out and in the bedroom
  4. Great but Mate – First date to Friend Zone Fast
  5. Oo potential Boo – First date, second date and maybe third… and, how’s your father?

So depending on what you want your end result to be here’s what you do….

  • Making overtly sexual comments, making every mouthful of food look like porn, lip biting more than Anastasia Steele are all things that will put you in the Shag ‘em and Bag em’ zone.
  • Talking about ex’s, both deceased and alive! Poor Olive was a dear, however clearly living in the past, not wanting to move on and carrying hurt from her loss. It was heart breaking to watch. Going on a first date isn’t the time to expose any self-pity, heart break or talk failed relationships! Unless you want to ‘Date n Ditch’
  • Those guys/girls that are ordering doubles and shots are most likely to be up for a bit of ‘Fun ‘n Cum’. They will party with you until the early doors and you might get lucky at the end of it, if you’re both not too squiffy.
  • Friend zoneGreat but Mate’ is an easy one. Be none descript and ‘nice’. Be unsure of yourself, lack confidence, try too hard, over compliment, struggle to make conversation but be polite, or be over keen when the sexual attraction isn’t mutual will put you in the F zone quicker than you can say ‘fanny flutter’
  • There’s often got to be an initial mutual sexual attraction, so look out for signs that this is the case, how he/she responds to flirting. If there isn’t interest on the other side, act disinterested and you might be able to turn things around. Build a connection through rapport and discovering common interests. If you make your date feel good they will most likely want to see you again! Most importantly have fun, relax and if you want ‘Ooo potential Booavoid all of the above 1-4!

On a serious note if you want to explore how I can assist you with dating maybe you keep attracting the wrong guys/girls, or perhaps you can’t keep them, maybe your confidence is getting in the way of you finding love, or perhaps you are struggling to let go of hurt from a past relationship or heal from infidelity. I can help with these things and much more! If you get in touch, I will show you how. I look forward to hearing from you!


Fanny Flutter

First Dates