Celebrity Cheating Body Language Exposed – Alex Mytton from Made In Chelsea

Closer magazine reports this week that Binky Felstead is considering getting back with her cheating ex Alex Mytton.

Alex recently admitted to 4 counts of infidelity including an orgy with Binky’s ex Spencer Mathews.

Sadly her friendship with Lucy has been sacrificed because of Lucy’s strong opinions that Binky should end her relationship with Alex.

As women we don’t like to think we have failed at a relationship so often we will try and fix it, and take responsibility ourselves on some level, often unconsciously when there is infidelity.

What this does is allow us to forgive misdemeanors. Sometimes this is the right thing to do, however unlikely in these circumstances.

When someone comes clean about infidelity, and the partner who has been cheated on doesn’t want the relationship to end they then convince themselves that their partner is honest, because they have come clean about their cheating, they choose to forget that they were dishonest by cheating in the first place.

Binky is a rebellious character that doesn’t like to be told what to do, hence why her friendships have suffered. I know it’s difficult to see a friend in a relationship which you think is damaging, but it is still important to respect their decision either way. Binky is cutting out anyone that is putting pressure on her to leave because she wants to be with him and to believe he won’t do it again.

Looking at the photographs of them I can see on some photos that they are mirroring each other which implies that they do have a bond and a connection, however it is clear that Binky is the more keen of the two.

Looking at their body language…

Photo 1 shows them in a club last month.

Whilst at first glance this might look very intimate because their faces are so close together, you can see that firstly Alex has his arm folded up to stop her from getting too close, and his hand is curled towards his body and not open towards her. His body is upright and he is avoiding reaching his face down to Binky’s, he may even be pulling back. He’s smiling but it’s not a comfortable smile in fact he looks slightly embarrassed. Binky’s head thrown back in an over the top dramatic gesture, her laugh looks false and is clearly for the cameras. Her hand is loose behind his back. It may be that she is tipsy and he’s almost trying to rein her in. This photo fails to show a united couple.


Photo 2 shows them shortly after they made their relationship official.

This photo clearly shows that Binky is more into him than he her. She believes she has a real catch. Her body is angled towards him, and her arm is around his shoulder as she’s showing others that this man is hers and she’s proud. Because he is taller he’s having to bend his shoulder down to allow her to have her hand there so he has an awkward uncomfortable stance. It would have looked more natural for him to put his arm round her shoulder, and the fact he isn’t in this instance shows he’s not sure and that perhaps he might be feeling things are moving too fast.

Her pelvis is making contact with his hip with shows they have an active sex life and they are still enjoying their honeymoon period.

Binky’s face and body are angled towards Alex, however his face and body are angled away, this implies he’s not sure about his relationship. It could be that he was put under a bit of pressure by Binky to go public and he wasn’t quite ready.








5 Tips to put you in the Good Books with your OH Whilst you Watch the World Cup

Dating and relationship advice for men ….

  1. Plan to take her out or a weekend away after it finishes. Knowing she has something to look forward to will make the season more bearable for her
  2. Put extra effort in to make her feel special when there are no matches on. Even a simple bouquet of flowers, a card with meaningful words, or a box of choccies, will let her know you are thinking about her
  3. You know what she likes in the bedroom, giving her an orgasm will definitely get you brownie points and make her feel good. Maybe you can create a game with her? If you guess the winning team she gets an orgasm. That’s sure to pique her interest in football 😉
  4. Try and make a conscious effort not let yourself end up in a bad mood if your team loses
  5. The little things she nags you about which you purposely don’t do and know it annoys her like leaving your laundry on the floor, not changing the loo roll, leaving he seat up … try and do these things without her nagging to keep her sweet. She will notice and she’ll be more tolerant

Celebrity Body Language Revealed – Danny Dyer Caught Cheating

The Sunday Mirror reported on Sunday that Danny Dyer cheated again on his partner of 19 Years Joanne Mas.

Real life Danny seems much like the characters he plays; the lovable rogue. He has that rough, boyish, charm that attracts the ladies, and I can imagine he’s a dab hand at talking women round and charming them whether it’s his partner or women he meets.

When I look at photos of him I see a vulnerability behind his eyes. His wife looks very confident, and I imagine that she has on some level (like many women do) stepped into more of a mother role with him. He would be lost without her.

I would imagine that Joanne is fully aware of Danny’s infidelity, and although she most likely would rather he didn’t cheat, I suspect she knows it is inevitable however would prefer that his misdemeanors were discreet. Unfortunately when you’re a celebrity, around press hungry jounalists, and money hungry people, discretion isn’t an option. Videos, photos and text messages are all evidence that could potentially end up public.

Both Joanne and Danny have a strong connection; as many of the photos they are not only mirroring poses but also facial expressions. See the 3 examples below, where their hands, feet, faces and bodies are mirrored almost perfectly. This shows a powerful bond.

This is one couple I think will carry on with their relationship regardless of this recent allegation. I wouldn’t be surprised if he relies emotionally on Joanne than she does him.

I know he’s a naughty boy but he’s still lovable!

Joanna looks like a lovely lady so I hope they can get through this as a family without it rocking their family unit too much.

If you are a serial cheat in a relationship and want to stop, I can help you! Get in touch with me today to find out how.


Is The Football World Cup Driving your Emotional State?

Do we choose to let others control our happiness?

With the world cup in full swing I’ve been following the England games, and it occurred to me the other night that many people allow other people and things to control their well – being.

For example I watched people go through a number of strong emotions based on something that was out of their control, in this case a football match.

There were feelings of hope, happiness, excitement, elation, frustration, anger, disappointment; all evoked by a football match. Of course these are all feelings that we all experience however the negative emotions are a waste of energy in this instance, because the result was all down to the players.

When we lost the game the mood dramatically changed in the pub and some people were so pissed off that they went home!

I wonder how many wives or partners had to put up with a grumpy agitated man for the evening?

I heard the other day that domestic violence rises when the world cup is on, and that it doesn’t matter if England wins or loses! In fact when England played last Saturday night there were 13 rapes reported in Nottingham.  Whether the team wins or loses emotions are still running high, and testosterone levels are through the roof.

If we allow things outside of our control to drive our feelings and emotions then essentially we are giving our power away. Once we learn to put ourselves back in the driving seat we can focus our energy more positively, and by changing how we react to certain situations will make our lives and the lives of those around us happier.

 5 Tips to keep your emotions in check whilst the football season is on:

  1.  Remember that it is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. In the grand scheme of things how will it really affect your life if England don’t win the cup?
  2. Take time out to ground yourself. You can do this before during and after the game. Sit with your feet firmly on the ground, take a couple of deep long breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then focus on the feeling of your feet on the ground, then on two other different sensations – perhaps your hands on your lap or maybe the chair on your back, then find 3 things for each of your senses, 3 things you can see, 3 things you can hear and 3 things you can smell. You can do this discreetly and it will bring you into the present and clear your mind.
  3. Don’t allow yourself to get drawn in by others being negative around you.
  4. Take time after the game to relax and calm down in a positive environment
  5. Avoid watching the games with friends that get too emotionally involved. Those that perhaps aren’t big football fans will most likely to be less effected by the game. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 09.48.30

How a Good Joke can Build Attraction

My 68-year-old neighbour who was entertaining my guests at a BBQ I had this weekend inspired this blog post. She was the main entertainer at my party of 9, and everyone warmed to her and loved her.

I know I keep harping on about this but dating skills has general social skills at the core. When you have the social skills, dating will be a breeze!

What funny, interesting, stories, jokes and facts do you have? How often do you use them? If you can laugh at yourself and you don’t take yourself too seriously this is a good starting point.

For people who struggle with conversation it’s usually because it’s over thought. It’s good to have a few of the above suggestions that you can use as material to entertain people you meet, including potential dates.

Everyone should have at least one or two jokes up their sleeve that they can deliver in an engaging way. Practice them on your friends to gauge their reaction first.

Making people laugh is a powerful way to build attraction, because it makes people feel good. And everyone likes to feel good!

There are so many jokes online – I get hilarious ones from Keith Chegwin on Twitter! Tommy Cooper is the King of One Liners. Jokes are a great way to find out if someone has a similar sense of humour.





Are Assumptions Sabotaging Your Potential Relationships?

We all do it every day.


– doesn’t answer our call or text straight away we assume they don’t want to speak to us.

–  doesn’t want to go on a second date and we assume we did something wrong.

–  takes our number but they didn’t call and we assume they didn’t really like us.

The thing is generally we don’t know what is going on in other people’s lives. Not everyone posts their full life and feelings on social media. People will only tell you what they want you to know.

I read a great quote the other day:

Everybody you meet is fighting their own battle. Be kind, always.

Here’s an example of how we can allow assumptions to knock our confidence.

The other day an attractive guy gave a flirty smile as he rode his bike past my friend and then turned around and came back and stopped to speak to her. He said he thought he knew her, but it transpired he didn’t. They never exchanged numbers and after a few minutes of conversation he carried on his ride.

As this was an attractive man my friend made a number of assumptions:

  1. He didn’t like the look of her up close
  2. He didn’t like the way she talked (he was very well spoken)
  3. He didn’t find her interesting enough

When we assume we are very internally focused because an its usually negative thoughts because of our own insecurities and lack of confidence. This doesn’t help our self-esteem.

So if you’re going to make assumptions why not make them positive?


  1. He genuinely thought he knew her, but on closer inspection realized he didn’t so felt embarrassed
  2. Once he stopped to chat he felt shy and didn’t know what to say
  3. He was in a relationship and once he impulsively stopped, he felt guilty so made a swift exit

The top 3 scenarios are focusing on her, the next 3 scenarios are all about him.

To keep our confidence intact and to build it, especially with dating and our relationships with friends; it’s good to not assume things are always about us, when people don’t meet up to our expectations or we feel rejection.

The Dangers of a Rebound After a Cheating Partner

This weeks Closer reports that defiant Jordan won’t be single for long as she is texting a series of men to boost her confidence.

Naturally Katie is still angry and bitter about the betrayal of her husband and ‘best friend’ however whilst she is feeling these feelings and seeking ‘revenge’ all her energy is negative and focused on them.

The only way to change our life is to do things differently.

Einstein famously defined insanity, as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Katie has the same pattern with men jumping from one to another intense relationship quickly, the new relationships are always started whilst she is feeling bitterness towards her most recent ex.

If Katie chose to try something different this time, and focused on finding confidence and empowerment from within rather than putting her power in the hands of other men, she would then allow herself to build confidence in abundance and in turn would break her cycle and attract a different type of man.

When you start a relationship without harbouring negative feelings towards an ex, and negative emotional baggage you attract healthier relationships.

Do you need help and support getting over an ex and rebuilding confidence? Get in touch with me today for a discreet, bespoke personal service.


‘Extreme toyboy’, 31, takes 91-year-old girlfriend home to meet his mother

Age ‘aint nothing but a number.

Why does it seem more socially acceptable for an old man to be sleeping with a younger woman than the other way round?

The Daily Mail reported last week that good looking 31-year-old Kyle has a penchant for ladies over the age of 50. He has a few on the go at the same time and one of his latest squeezes is Marjorie is 91.

You can see the full article here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article

Many people especially the younger generation frown upon old people having sex however the recent sexual lifestyles survey highlighted an increase in sexual activities for the 70 plus. And why not? We are living longer and sex keeps you young, fit and healthy!

What the younger generation forget is that they too will be old one day and why should a basic human pleasure be denied to anyone because of age? Sex and intimacy gives people an enormous sense of well being.

As long as it’s consensual, legal sex then who are we to say that it’s wrong? Clearly both parties get something out of it the women get to play with a young, taut body, and have the eye candy and his kink is that he enjoys having sex with older women. Everyone’s a winner!

Old women are happy to share him and don’t have the desire to get married and ‘keep him’ exclusive, they are just happy that he is choosing to spend any time with them. I bet he’s increasing their life expectancy!


The Value of Virginity

The Guardian reported on 18 year old Phin who has chosen a life of celibacy until he finds ‘The One’

It’s not for everyone, however I admire those that choose it especially nowadays where ‘sex’ is thrust (excuse the pun) in our faces daily in the media and heavily so in advertising. Then there is porn and the internet where even school children are exposed to extreme and some violent sexual imagery.

Certainly virginity didn’t work for me, and although I have no regrets about spending 10 years in the sex industry it was for me an easy thing to do after many years as a promiscuous teenager, however what I lacked from a young age was the self confidence, belief and value that Phin has, which is a shame.

He will certainly find it more challenging at college/University as girls will see it as a challenge to try and seduce him!

If more teenagers were like him choosing to make decisions based on his own morals and values rather than feeling obliged to ‘fit in’ with others and follow the crowd, then there would be less STDs and pregnancies in the younger generation.

How many children’s lives change forever with teenage pregnancies? How many kids fail at school or college because their obsessive interest is boys/girls?

What I do hope is that the rising levels of the statistics for virginity isn’t because of the increased levels of virtual relationships through social media, and porn. Is this another case of people avoiding real human interaction and even fearing it in some level because of desperate insecurities?

I don’t agree with Fin’s statement that ‘casual sex’ doesn’t work long term, because as an 18-year-old virgin he’s not able to have an opinion on this. No one should make sweeping statements because everyone has different needs and desires.

Again he isn’t qualified to say that if you have sex you have an emotional and physical connection with someone. As an ex escort I know this to be untrue for me. My clients got my body but not my mind and soul, my boyfriends would get ‘me’, all of me.

I know married couples that are into swinging and enjoy a string of casual encounters as well as leading a very fulfilling sex life as couples. Some have been together over 10 years and it works for them, both are equally happy and content with their agreement. So you can’t say it doesn’t work for everyone, it works for some, if it’s mutually agreed and enjoyed as part of agreed relationship boundaries.

I only hope that when Phin finally takes the plunge so to speak that he doesn’t get too obsessively attached to the person he has sex with and stifle them, to the point they end things and he can’t let go.

As a virgin he has control over his body and his feelings but in due course when he’s intimate with someone he won’t have control over their body and feelings.  I hope that he can deal with any unrequited feelings if they ever arise.

How is he going to deal with it if his chosen one decides to move on? Will he be celibate then for the rest of his life?

My personal opinion is that this guy is setting himself up for a huge expectations and disappointment! Although I hope very much to be proved wrong.