Jenny Thompson’s – Bang To Writes Book

The Star reports on Jenny Thompson’s ‘Bang To Writes’ Book:

As an escort discretion is of paramount importance so it is sad to see that now Jenny is no longer escorting, she clearly doesn’t care, as the clients confidentiality is breached. In my book, The Girlfriend Experience, I changed not only names, but locations, descriptions and any hints that might give away the people I wrote about.

Whilst I don’t condone the kiss and tell culture I equally don’t condone cheating footballers. Are they not simply both as bad as each other?

Let’s also not forget we only know what the press want us to know and escorts are always going to be portrayed in a negative way. I know from experience that Jenny’s words and actions will have been twisted. Coleen look-a-like, Jenny is the easy ‘scape goat’ here, but lets not forget it takes 2 to tango.

Footballers don’t think about their families when they are doing the dirty so why should Jenny be labeled the home wrecker? He wrecked is own home life! Wayne called Jenny, he enquired and booked her; she was doing her job. She has no loyalties to him or his family. By blaming the other woman, as usual, blame is taken away from the cheater himself.

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Infidelity – Kelly Brook rang the Women Danny Cipriani was texting…

Reports the Daily Mail…

I wonder if Kelly has ever watched that film Hes Not That Into You

Look at the body language in the photos below. In both photos he is making sure that he is not connected to Kelly in any way. It’s all Kelly trying to drape herself over him and maintain some sort of contact. You could take her out of either photos and it would look like he was on his own. In the last photo it looks odd and uncomfortable for her that he doesn’t have his arm around her.  He’s put his arm behind him in an attempt to gently encourage Kelly’s arm away and avoid being pulled in. It’s showing he would be quite happy on his own in either scenario. He’s implying that Kelly’s presence is irrelevant to him. His torso is towards the camera, showing he’s confident to the point of arrogance, independent and loving the lime light. His smile is forced, fixed and fake in both photos. In this instance this suggests he’s not a genuine person.

When there is a connection you both lean into each other and sometimes mirror each other. See the post I did here on Millie Mackintosh and Professor Green. Spot the difference? Now that is a couple in love. These guys are a world apart.

Kelly’s obviously hurting but calling and texting Danny’s women is not productive. They don’t care about him, so they won’t feel the hurt Kelly is feeling. In fact by messaging his other women she is detracting away from the real problem – Him! She is fueling her own anger and hurt.

The best thing she could do now is walk away and never speak to him again, but I doubt she will because she wants to change him and believes she can. After all it’s not Danny’s fault he can’t resist sexting other women is it, it’s those pesky women!

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Infidelity – Rock star Liam Gallagher’s Love child – Read my opinion in this weeks Woman magazine

Infidelity Liam Gallagher ‘is sued for millions by music writer who accuses him of fathering a secret love child with her’

Reports the Daily Mail…

As the latest Infidelity claim hits the news, are we surprised?

If the Daily Mail facts are correct he fathered a child with Lisa Moorish a week after he married Patsy Kensit.

The not so subtle clues are all there that this guy is a serial cheat. What I don’t understand is why women then think it won’t happen to them, and after knowing what they are letting themselves in for they get involved with these type of guys and father their children.

Because of Liam’s job he is high risk as a serial cheat. He’s a rock star! That’s part and parcel for a stereotypical rocker – the women, the sex, the drugs and booze.

What is sad is that there are now 4 children in the mix, and what message and example is it setting for them for their future relationships?

Gene his son with Nicole is just about to start secondary school and will most likely be going through puberty, which will be a difficult time for him. The last thing he needs is to be dealing with the repercussions of his Dad’s infidelity. A break up at this time he be particularly challenging for him.

For Liam it’s all about living in the now and living life to the full, at the cost of everyone who cares about him and loves him. It’s completely selfish and reckless behaviour.

I hope this mess is sorted out with minimal disruption to his children.