The Sun newspaper interview me about my Infidelity Expert Advice – Todays Paper

If you’re a woman and you think your man has cheated, or that he might be thinking about it; maybe you reject him for sex and/or you’re not having a sexual relationship with him, I offer phone Counselling sessions to help advise you. I can also help men too that suspect their wife or partner of infidelity.

Aside from a few headline untrue statements about my escorting and the dodgy pics, I think the article is quite good.

You know you’ve got good press when the trolls are out in abundance :D

I find it curious that people assume I don’t and didn’t pay tax.

Skinny models spark disturbing trend for ‘thigh gap’ lipo treatment on Harley Street

The Daily Mail reports… Skinny models spark disturbing trend for ‘thigh gap’ lipo treatment on Harley Street

A disturbing trend sees a rise in lunchtime liposuction to get the alleged sought after ‘thigh gap’.

This trend is clearly for girls wanting to impress other girls for some bizarre and disturbing reason, because it’s certainly not a look that appeals to most men. In fact many men find women that are too skinny a turn off.

Curves imply health, an ability to nurture, comfort, homeliness and show femininity.

What men find sexy are women who embrace their curves, women who are confident with their body and in their own skin whatever their size.

Read my tips on how to become body confident in my Love Honey Article here…

Infidelity – Real or Suspected

As a former escort, I know all to well how important infidelity and cheating on your partner can  impact a relationship. Every month hundreds of women just like you, visit the Infidelity Expert site seeking out  advice on what to do, how to resolve and recover from your partner’s affair and cheating.

Infidelity, real or suspected, can take over your life, cause you endless sleepless nights and worst of all reduce your self confidence and self esteem.

Now the good news is that as a published author, former escort and experienced Infidelity Expert I have worked with many people who used to struggle as you maybe now, with suspected or real cheating partner, but they are now back on track to forming happy and fulfilling relationships. Click here to find out more and read my “Rebecca’s Case Book” real people , real issues and find out how I may be able to help you >>

Celebrity couples. The Sun reports – Model Katie Price marries her breast man Kieran Hayler in the Bahamas

Celebrities Body Language: Katie Price and Kieran Hayler

In every photograph poor Kieran seems to look star struck, in awe and possibly a bit nervous and apprehensive as to what he’s let himself in for.

I know he’s a muscle bound guy but his rounded shoulders almost look like he’s trying to be smaller and insignificant – either that, or he feels that way. He’s intimidated but also extremely loved up and lusting after his sexy, glamorous wife.

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