Dating advice for men – Dating on a Budget

In these current climes it’s easy for most guys to think that there is no point in taking women out on dates because they can’t afford it. There are so many things to do that don’t cost the earth, but you do need to know what sort of lady you are dating and what she likes.  All the ideas below are for a cheap date and range between being completely free and £30/$50 tops.

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Dating tips for men – “I don’t know the area” What Women Want

One gripe I have when guys ask me out on dates is if they are coming to Nottingham they ask me where to go because they “don’t know the area”.

Not good enough. I’d go so far as to say that it’s almost a deal breaker (…I did say ‘almost’ :).

Why? Because what women want is a guy who’s a leader and resourceful, shows mental strength; and that’s attractive to women.

When a lady agrees to a date, this is where your chance to impress steps up a gear – she’s waiting to see what you come up with, and looking for you to ‘show case’ your attributes and leadership skills.

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Dating Advice for Men – Take Me Out The Gossip – Ben and Chelsea’s Love Story


Ben and Chelsea Take Me Out love Story – Why It worked.

Reference:  (9 minutes in)

If you don’t watch the Uk dating show Take Me Out, don’t worry here’s the temporary video link, however even if you can’t view it, if you read on you will get the jist of the analysis of this couple. If you are interested in the psychology of what makes couples work, then this will be of interest… Read more

Dating Advice for Men – Date Coaching Feedback

Today I wanted to share with you a lovely email I received from one of my coaching clients (with his consent of course 🙂

Hi Rebecca,

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for such an insightful first coaching session with you. You asked me to let you how I found you and any feedback I had after our session so here it is…

After performing an initial internet search and checking the usual avenues (, eharmony) I was interested in some tutorship to hone my confidence and improve my communicative ability across the board, but especially when dealing with women.

I found your site and browsed around, watching some introductory videos and reading into the services on offer, I decided that I would test the water by requesting a skype conversation with you to see where it would take me.

It worked out very well, I have seen a great deal of benefit from the advice provided during the session and have even been able to put some tips into practise! I want to talk about what helped and why, and to generally summarise the feeling I had after our session.

The thing that struck me about the conversation was how relaxed I felt talking to you. You  put at ease from the get go and didn’t feel like I needed to hold back or mask my emotions. This comfort enabled me to reveal things that I wouldn’t usually speak of and therefore allowed me to start working on some personal issues that would change the way I approach a potential ‘love-interest’ scenario.

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Dating Advice for Men – How to Connect with Women & Increase Your Chances of Getting a Response

What do you guys do if you like a lady and want to connect with her?

Text/SMS her?

‘Hi how are you?’

‘What are you up to?’


Poke her on Face Book? Wink at her on


Message her on a dating website?

‘Hi want to chat?’

‘Hi what are you up to this week/end?’

‘Hi I like your profile, want to chat?’


If you want to pique a woman’s interest I suggest you do/say none of the above….. so what should you do?

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Dating advice: The Law of Attraction – Attracting the Women you want to Date

Do you keep attracting the wrong sort of women?

We all say it tongue in cheek… I attract these [insert appropriate negative people adjectives] ‘losers/crazy women/men etc… ‘

But then we baffle and wonder why, but keep doing it. It’s about taking responsibility and ownership and acknowledging these words literally. The people we attract are our responsibility. They are attracted to us because ‘we’ are attracting them. So what is it that we are unconciously seeking from them?…

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