Dating Advice and Tips for Men – Making Yourself Interesting part 2

You may look at some guys and think ‘it’s all right for him he’s good looking/ funny/successful’ etc….

You can’t force humour you either have it or you don’t. With your looks you might not be the best looking guy, but that doesn’t matter either as long as you keep yourself groomed well and dress well. Success is relative. Everyone has different ideas of what success means – so this isn’t something you can measure, but women are attracted to men with goals and ambitions.

But what is it about YOU women like? What makes you stand out from other guys?

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Dating advice for men: Bad Boys verses Nice guys

Bad boys verses nice guys:

So why is it that men assume all women like bad boys? Because the bad boys actually have some of the traits women want. If they could have those traits in a nice guy then many would prefer the nice guys. Bad boys take the behaviour to the extreme so there’s a way to get a balance and be equally appealing, if not more so, to women. So nice guys listen up! There is a way to be a nice guy and get the girls if you man up on a few things. Lets look at the traits of bad boys….

So what are those traits? The first one is following on from my last post

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Dating tips for men – Be Assertive. Powerful Technique to Build confidence Approaching Women

I don’t know how many of you watch The Apprentice? I know you guys in the US may not be familiar with the show, but I want to share a powerful technique that someone used on there to collect women as potential customers for a ‘beauticians task’.

In a nutshell, (for those that don’t know), The Apprentice is a bunch of people that are split into two groups and given a business task. With their team they have to create a business and make the most money to win the task and get a reward. Bear with me on this…

This particular task was they had to set up a beauty parlour. In a busy shopping center one of the guys had to find clientele for the beauty shop. Being a bloke he was very unenthusiastic about the task, until he found a really cool technique that he repeatedly used to draw women into the beauticians – thus making his team the most money.

What’s this got to do with dating? I hear you thinking. Well let me explain what he did. He went up to women and said “put your little finger out”, which every woman did, and then he put his finger out and linked them together, he then led them silently by their finger to the shop.

Why did this work? Let me explain –

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Dating advice for men: How to lose a date in less than 24 hours. Ref:

Over the past few weeks I’ve been discussing communication and conversation. I wanted to share an experience a friend had with online dating with you today.

This is how a guy who had a date arranged with my friend sabotaged it within 24 hours.

After a couple of messages on they finally exchanged phone numbers. After a handful of text messages they arranged a time to speak.

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