Dating advice for men wanting their ex back: Be what she wants

I want her back’ v’s ‘I want her to want me back’

So what’s the difference and which is best?

Well the first one is about what you want, and the second is about the other person and what they want.

Remember my post, (link here) stop focussing on what you want and think about what value you can give to others?

This is a classic example. I had a coaching session the other week with someone who wanted his ex back.

He was thinking all about himself and what he wanted and not about what she wanted. The key to her wanting him back is to listen to her and give her what she wants.

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Dating advice for men – Pick Up Routines:

So I’m out in Nottingham at the weekend in a crowded club, when a group of 3 young lads (early 20’s) approach me. One tried to pull the “I’ve got these two friends..” PUA (Pick Up Artist) routine with me. It was unnatural, he lacked confidence and it came across as uncomfortable for him and his unsure friends (wing men) behind him.

Little did they know that inside a busy club they had picked the one lady who was a dating coach and who had studied Ross Jeffries, Mystery’s and Neil Strauss’s seduction and pick up. Now what’s the chances of that?! Bless. They didn’t believe me and spent the rest of the night asking the people I was with what I did for a living. Now I was at a 40th that was a friend of a friends, so truthfully they didn’t actually know what I did.

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First date mistakes

Great tip here from Neil Strauss

Things not to say to a woman…

“I don’t really talk to my family.”

She thinks: “This guy has intimacy issues because he’s not even able to love his family!” Don’t reveal negative personal baggage about yourself in the early stages of meeting a woman. Instead show her you love and take care of all of those close to you: family, friends, girlfriends, and even pets. Being a protector of your loved ones is very sexy to women.’

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