Dating advice for men: Best piece of marketing advice: forget what YOU want, focus on what value you can GIVE to others – relevant to dating do you think?

Yes! I saw this tweeted the other day and it occurred to me that it is also relevant to dating.

People are so focused on what they want that they forget what they have to offer, and what their value is as a human being.

Think of women as your customers, ultimately they want to know when meeting a guy, what can he offer me? What’s in it for me?


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‘She looked/smiled at me she fancies me’…. Possibly, but how about other reasons…

1)   she unintentionally caught your gaze whilst looking around

2)   she heard you and was inquisitive as to where the noise/voice came from

3)   she’s in a  good mood and smiles at you in the street, just like she smiled to others on her way past

4)   she’s on the phone and smiling at the conversation but catches your eye at the same time

5)   she’s being friendly

6)   she’s happy – she got a pay rise, got engaged, had some amazing sex the night before

7)   she’s seen you before a few times and she’s acknowledging you (like she would any person male or female)

8)   she wants something from you (help with her car? A discount at your shop?)

9)   she thought you were someone else

10)  you look interesting

11)  you have spilt food on your clothes/have a bogey up your nose/a big spot on your face

12)  she likes/dislikes the clothes you are wearing


I could go on but you get the jist. So what should you do?


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The dreaded ‘friend’ trap

I hear this dilemma from so many guys in my coaching, so I’m going to endeavor to give you some tips here.

To avoid getting into the ‘friend trap’ down the line you must when you meet a woman (whether she has a partner or not) express your interest in her initially and keep reminding her every now and then, in a non-intrusive, non-expectant way.  This can be done using mild flirtation and genuine compliments.

For example the first time you meet her you say something like “wow you look gorgeous. Who’s the lucky man who’s dating you?” You don’t want to put any pressure on a lady, but the point is she needs to know you see her in a sexual way from the start, or at least early on when you are getting to know her.

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