The Girlfriend Experience feedback…

(from Face Book)
Hi Rebecca, I read your book The Girlfriend Experience as soon as I got it. I think it’s really good, you write really well and there are no boring bits in it!!!! I must admit I read Belle de Jour and found my self going to sleep half way through, as whoever wrote it, either didn’t live the life they are writing about or they didn’t really find any bits of it interesting. I think you’ve been really really honest and obviously it’s not all been plain sailing, but I will definitely recommend it to all of my girlie friends. I must admit, I had a giggle when you talked about keeping relationships fresh and exciting and said if you hadn’t given your partner a blow job in the last few weeks, then get onto it!!! I put it on the menu, for that night!!!!
All the best, C

The Girlfriend Experience feedback…

Book feedback is always appreciated, however I found this email particularly interesting and this guy has kindly consented to me sharing this with you on my blog…..

Hello Rebecca,

Just finished your book and wanted to congratulate you on writing it at all, I am sure a first publication takes hard work and determination!

Your book would not have been my usual first choice of a read but I have met you socially and was curious to know a little more about you, people are nosey aren’t they? LOL.

I found your book thought provoking and think you write in a way that is refreshingly conversational, open and natural and I am sure many people will warm to you for that reason.

If you can you should write more and establish yourself as an authority and perhaps leader in your field. I feel along the way there may even be a novel or two in you, with all the characters you have met you must have plenty of material.

Cant imagine you in being an employee somehow, could be wrong of course, but writing could be your new direction? I hope your agent is a good one who can help you.

The sex industry still has too shady and furtive an image and I feel it needs more ‘outing’ for want of a better word, so any conscious raising exercise like your book showing the positive as well as the down sides of escorting in a mature way is a good thing.

There are too many areas of ignorance in life which are misunderstood and it is not until reasoned, balanced open discussion occurs that people make better conclusions and change their minds. I think it’s a shame that escorts seem to run the gauntlet of some peoples narrow minded bigotry.

As I understand sexual lust is in all living things on the planet, its a large part of our human make up giving us an appetite that can never be fully satisfied. Evolutionary scientists tell us our two main genetic in built priorities are to survive and reproduce, is it any surprise then a large part of peoples lives are spent either thinking about or engaging in sexual activity?

I have used the services of escorts for several years and enjoyed their company and sex. Along the way there has been much good humour, warmth, affection, and very pleasurable sex which has harmed no one and done me a power of good
As one escort said to me with a slightly surprised look on her face ‘Isn’t it amazing how easy it is to have good sex with someone you have only just met’. Sex is a part of our shared humanity.

I see escorts because to date I prefer to be single and I enjoy sex, so seeing an escort is the most practical, honest and straight forward solution to my situation. My only regret is I never met you professionally.

And no it’s not just the sex, I enjoy finding out about the escort, have met women from many countries in all walks of life, student teachers, probation workers, nurses, solicitors, psychiatric nurses, the list goes on.
Until I met my first escort I had been brought up with a type of morality that said paying for sex was wrong and that women who offered these services were whores, hard bitten and damaged morally and possibly carriers of disease.

I suspect in the UK some of this attitude is the result of religious social engineering and the sexual repression they more so in the past used to use.

All of the escorts I have met have been ordinary pretty nice people. A few I felt were there for the money mostly and gave them selves in a slightly detached way, but the majority clearly enjoy what they do and are as friendly, cheerful and passionate as any girlfriend.

My concern at times for escorts has been if they put themselves in the hands of someone evil they could get hurt.
Occasionally an escort has told me about a bad experience that made my blood run cold, while some escorts have told me some men treat them with a lack of respect and have used them as if they could do what they liked because they had paid for, in their view, the right to do so.

All escorts tell me the majority of their clients are fairly ordinary people  who they have few problems with.
I think women working in the sex industry need as much protection as can be offered and deserve the understanding of the law.

I have gone on longer than I meant!

I hope you continue to be published and make a living from it, I feel you are the sort of person who would be happy doing something working with people even if it’s not as an escort so hopefully you will make enough money from writing to allow you to do this in some way.

Stay well and very best wishes in the future.